April 2018 – Freedom
There is not a time, nor a place, nor a circumstance that I do not have the ability to fulfill my purpose. Whether it is in the face of tremendous odds and challenge, or in the calm of a day’s routine. Indeed, I can liberate myself from the yoke of ignorance. I am still amazed to this day how my own shortsightedness can hold me back. And as it has been said before, “Ignorance is the greatest thing I can hope to lose while I am here.” I can do this. I do, do this. As a matter of fact, I choose how I do this within every moment. While it is true I am sometimes on autopilot, it is still me and my decisions. So, I can do it with tension . . . or with ease. The more I am welcoming of ideas and concepts, the more I find what I need and the more I become One with All—I get what I need and release the rest to be free. In other words, the better I can work with my energy and improve my vibration, the more I am in the process of graduation, or becoming a master of myself.

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