How to Get Involved?

Are you new to the college or wish to share your journey with others as a educator?

If you have just begun searching for greater meaning to your life or want to take your years of growth to its next plateau, the Wayshowers College can teach you tools to find your own answers that fulfill your needs and reach your goals.


Tools and Techniques which enable YOU to discover your own truth without sacrificing traditions and beliefs.Add a Tooltip Text

Evolve & Grow

With people just like you who desire to clearly understand their true nature, their life purpose and their relationship to the universe.

Get Answers

By strengthening what you already have and reawaken talents and skills that may have been dormant for lifetimes.


Feel secure with your inner direction, your natural sensitivity and your two-way communication with the higher spirit.

New Spiritual Horizons Groupwork

Dive into self discovery and a spiritual path.
Get Started

6 Steps for New College Participants

Step 1: The Big Picture

Attending an Introductory Lecture opens the door to a spiritual path and is step one in your involvement with the college. This is an orientation into the foundational concepts of college. “You are a soul with a body, not a body with a soul” Francisco Coll. Over his lifetime, Dr. Francisco Coll, founder, refined and shared this fundamental message by developing tools and techniques that could be passed on to others.

Step 2: Experience Your Sensitivity

The “Exploring Inner Dynamics” workshop is an interactive 3 hours with reading, sharing, and experiencing techniques that help the attendees explore their own sensitivity.

“I heard a radio show at mid-night about how everyone was psychic. I went to a lecture and got involved in a group where the techniques and fellowship with others helped me to accept myself more. I have never felt alone inside since!”

Susan Kellogg, Iowa

Step 3: Groupwork

Searchers come together in a small group to start expanding and trusting their inner sensitivity while they share and experience practical techniques that relate to the theme of the study material.

Step 4: Courses

Courses fast track spiritual growth in a concentrated time and space, typically one day. Courses may be part of the groupwork experience or they may be stand-alone offerings in the community or at a conference center.

Step 5: Material

The College has books, tapes and DVD’s available through our online store. Makes great reference material for a personal spiritual library.

Step 6: Retreats & Camps

The College offers “summer camp” for adults, a trip to a national conference center offers adventure and introduction to many other searchers. This is the basis of building a spiritual family for a lifetime.