Where ever I go, there I am. Meaning I can change my clothing or style, I can change the place or area I live, I can even change the people in my relations, but . . . “where ever I go, there I am.” I take my state-of consciousness (my level of awareness) with me wherever I go. So, if there are areas I am not happy with, or things that are not working for me, or even attitudes that create turmoil with-in, the best thing I can do is look inside and take an honest appraisal of Me. I have done some real work on myself. I have shed many things that were layered on me. Even still, it is amazing how little things can creep-in and cause confusion. That is why I routinely check-out where I’m at. I relax and get a measure of my progress. If I am sincere in developing the real me, I must make sure that both the positives and negatives are on my balance sheet of life. Otherwise I may get caught in a fairy tale. When I can look on my pluses and minuses in the same way, I know I am making progress. Everything is helping me evolve. Then it is just a matter of refinements.

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