Where ever I go, there I am. Meaning I can change my clothing or style, I can change the place or area I live, I can even change the people in my relations, but . . . “where ever I go, there I am.” I take my state-of consciousness (my level of awareness) with me wherever I go. So, if there are areas I am not happy with, or things that are not working for me, or even attitudes that create turmoil with-in, the best thing I can do is look inside and take an honest appraisal of Me. I have done some real work on myself. I have shed many things that were layered on me. Even still, it is amazing how little things can creep-in and cause confusion. That is why I routinely check-out where I’m at. I relax and get a measure of my progress. If I am sincere in developing the real me, I must make sure that both the positives and negatives are on my balance sheet of life. Otherwise I may get caught in a fairy tale. When I can look on my pluses and minuses in the same way, I know I am making progress. Everything is helping me evolve. Then it is just a matter of refinements.

There are waves of energy that flow through planet earth. This is similar to the waves on the beach. An unstoppable force is when my needs and wants are in alignment with the universe’s waves. I do not need to be a great predictor of the future or a great channeler of spirits. I simply need to know what I want and my motive for wanting it. Even more clear is when, I want my needs and I know why. When these all line up, I feel and experience what ‘one-with-all’ is all about. Teaming up with the spirit is best described with the spiritual definition of ‘Communication’: Communication = Sharing something, in such a way, it can be understood, accepted and acted upon. That is doing my part.

When I become more one-with-all-things, and more sensitive to my Helpers, I will start to experience glimpses of my potential; I will tune-into the possibilities. It is important to not judge or ‘try’ to interpret at this time. I just stay open and relaxed. Once the insight passes or slows, then, I can evaluate. I allow the messages of the universe into my ‘feelings,’ without coloring them with my intellect.

I will feel the influences of the universe, not in a bad way, just the fact of my feeling them. There is no doubt there are ‘pressures’ during a full moon or when the planets are arranged certain ways. There are influences. When I am at peace inside I will feel them and I am able to wield them. I still do what I need and want, I just do it in the rhythm of the universe; it’s not what I do, but how I do it. I also need to be aware that I can be influenced by not-so-friendly-friends. Meaning, my bad habits (the habits that work against me) will eventually cause me to manifest that pattern. If I indulge this confusion long enough I will create a negative pool of energy around me.

At times I can think that I cannot change. I can think, I have no control; “It just keeps happening.” This is too much thinking, not enough feel-think-act. So, I can either do something about it, or do what I’ve always done in those situations, give in. If I let it, it feels like a run-away-train. The reality is, nothing has power without me. I must give it power to control me. Best thing to do is, for me to feel it, organize myself toward success and then start moving ahead toward accomplishment. With clarity I accept the challenge.

There is a difference between evaluation and “judging.” One is from the pivot-point of acceptance and the other is from the fixed picture of greater-than and lesser-than. Know thyself, this is my key. I can only accurately appraise things to the level of my own vibration. If I am smooth in my vibration I will be accurate and direct. If my vibration is erratic or sharp-edged, I will make it hard for myself. It is my responsibility to take care of myself. This is a full-time opportunity! I can help (be of service) to an innumerable amount of people, if I have my three loyalties — loyalty to self, loyalty to the small unit, loyalty to the Big Picture — clear. Otherwise I am going to waste a lot of time . . . theirs and mine. How judgmental am I of people? How judgmental am I of myself ? What do I want to do about that? Am I seeing the pluses & minuses with soft eyes? Do I feel relaxed about the “pros & cons” inside? My point-of-view has a great deal to do with what is I perceive as Good. So, what level do I want to work at? What vibration is building my spiritual real estate?

To Evaluate is: to form an idea, come to an amount, to find a number, or the value of. I do my best when I am in the flow; sharing and being of service. It becomes instinctive to move in the best direction and current for me, easily. It is a beautiful thing I am a part of here. Even with all the conflicts and confusion that can, and do, happen around me. What is my big picture? Is it to be part of this or that? Is it now or then? In the end, it is what I Value; what I value from my feelings, thoughts and actions. With all that clear, I will be involved in more of what I come to do. That is why I evaluate.

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