Profound Mystical Meditation

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Welcome to Profound Mystical Meditation for the Western Society

Experience Profound Mystical Meditation, your innovative gateway to the fascinating world of stress free, affluent living.

Profound Mystical Meditation for the Western Society™ has comprehensive community programs that will change your life. This innovative Meditation in Action program and techniques will give you an overview of your life purpose and ways your mystical higher self can provide insights.

Become a master at communicating with your Angels/Spirit Guides. Unfold your Mystical ESP and start attracting success. Experience stress dissolving in your life. Discover the deeper realities of your relationships with spouses, family, and friends.

Isn’t it about TIME?
Time for yourself.
Time to unwind your soul and rejuvenate your passion for life.

How Profound Mystical Meditation will help you:

  • Understand what it means to be a Soul with a Physical Body.
  • Mystical sensitivity is explained in a way that will answer many of your questions.
  • Your relationship to Inner Guidance (Higher Self) is clarified.
  • Discover their purpose and your purpose for being here.
  • Learn about Mystical Perception Styles and how they can improve most personal relationships.
  • Gain a deeper understanding of the need for Mystical Meditation in our daily lives.
  • Experience your own personal Sea of Tranquility.
  • Practice numerous techniques that will demonstrate your mystical ESP in action.

Profound Mystical Meditation Groupwork Structure

The PMM experience has these steps:

  1. Profound Mystical Meditation Orientation Lecture – An overview of the mystical nature of the soul’s life patterns on Planet Earth including the balance of the Thought and Feeling Minds and the mystical perceptions of Intuition, Vision, Prophecy and Feeling
  2. Tranquility and Accomplishment Workshop – A three hour seminar that introduces the Sea of Tranquility technique, Spiritual Cleansing, other balancing techniques
  3. Meditation in Action Group Structure – Part One:
    14 weeks of 2 hour weekly group meeting, 4 personal profiles and 3 College courses
    – 1001: Orientation Profile
    – 1002-A Blockage Discovery Profile
    – 1003-A: Percentage of balance in the Glandular System
    – 1003-B: Depth Therapy Profile (Recommended)
    – Course 3001: Special Meditation Training
    – Course 3002-A: Patterns of the Intellect
    – Course 3002-B: Mystical World of Feelings
    – Course 3002-C: Inner Harmony- A Balanced State of Consciousness
    – Books: “Discover Yourself” and “Meditation in Action Group Manual-Part One.”
  4. 4. Meditation in Action Group Structure – Part Two:
    12 weeks of 2 hour weekly group meeting, 2 personal profiles and 3 The College courses
    – 1003-C:Chakras Depth Chart (Recommended)
    – 1004: Balance of Thought and Feeling Profile – Part 1 (Recommended)
    – Course 3003-A: Thoughts, Feelings and Emotions: The Total Me
    – Course 3003-B: Prophecy and Feeling, a World of Sensitivity
    – Course 3003-C: Intuition and Vision, Organized Concern
    – Books: “Create Your Destiny” and “Meditation in Action Group Manual – Part Two
  5. 5. Meditation in Action Group Structure – Part Three:
    8 Weeks of 2 hour weekly group meeting, 2 personal profiles and 2 College courses
    – 2001: Universal Energy Chart Profile Part I (Recommended)
    – 2001: Universal Energy Chart Part II (Recommended)
    – Course 3004-A: Exploring the Inner and Outer Worlds
    – Course 3004-B: Windows of My Mind
    – Books: “Being Your Harmonious Self” and “Meditation in Action Group Manual – Part II”