ENJOYMENT– Spiritual Theme of the Month

PLEASURE: Today is a good day! It’s not a “good day” because the sun is out, although that is nice. It is not a good day because I am with a certain person, although that is nice. It is not a good day because I have a full treasure chest, although that is nice. It is a “good day” because I am here, I’m working with my Guidance, and I am doing what I have come to do; I am living. It is the pure pleasure of involvement! It is a beingness while doing. I do not confuse this “beingness” with an ignorance or pretending there is no negative. On the contrary, I see it all for what it is. Opportunity . . . And to be clear: Being of Service by, “Seeking Opportunity” for my own benefit. Imagine the amount of love and respect other people experience because I am involved in what I Love. In other words, because I know clearly what I am seeking, everything becomes a joy; it is a pleasure to live and to do. It is singing the heart’s song. It’s the feeling of, being alive!


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