Inner Peace Movement

Welcome to the Inner Peace Movement Community Programs

Inner Peace Movement® programs were first founded by Dr. Francsico Coll in 1964 and was the first spiritual program to receive nationwide coverage in the media. As such it helped pioneer, in the masses, the spiritual awakening so prevelent around the globe today.

IPM programs are groups of people who have the common bond of wanting to grow spiritually without dogma, theology or a figure head directing and overseeing their growth.

All groups are autonomous. The groups meet weekly. Groups begin with an Orientation Lecture and include a workshop, techniques for personal expansion, personal profiles and courses from the College.

The ALC Department of Leadership Expansion supports Inner Peace Movement® community programs by providing advanced courses for program participants and training for IPM leadership.
IPM programs help you with:

  • Instant relaxation and reduction of stress and anxiety
  • Self-understanding, self-esteem and self-respect.
  • Learning to trust your innate sensitivity through unfolding your extra-sensory perception, psychic and spiritual gifts
  • Becoming a leader of yourself first and then assisting others without imposing on their free will
  • Discovering how to switch negative energy into positive energy with ease
  • The experience of giving and receiving without hooks or limitations
  • Healing yourself, your loved ones and the world around you
  • Opening your mind to Inner Guidance, clear direction and solutions for daily living
  • Creating inner security that fosters true outer security

Groupwork Structure

Inner Peace Movement Programs and Discovery Groups Structure and steps:

  • NEW SPIRITUAL HORIZONS – Twelve weekly 2 hr. group sessions
    Text: Man and the Universe
    Group manual: New Spiritual Horizons
    1001 Orientation Profile (recommended)
  • EXPLORING INNER DYNAMICS WORKSHOP – Designed to expand upon the information presented in the lecture and to add depth through offering techniques that allow the participant to experience the concepts presented in the lecture for him/herself.
  • MAN AND THE UNIVERSE ORIENTATION LECTURE – Where everyone starts regardless of experience. The Orientation Lecture is a one and a half hour program that explains our relationship to the Universe, our fellow man and our true nature.
  • FOUNDATIONS OF SPIRITUAL DEVELOPMENT – Eight weekly 2 hr. group sessions, two The College courses, two profiles.
    Text: Discovering My True Identity
    Leadership Manual: Discovering Your True Identity Leadership training Manual
    The College Course #560: Expansion Into Soul Consciousness
    The College Course #561: Directing Life Energy Behind My Goals
    1001: Orientation Profile
    1002 Blockage Discovery Profile (Required for next level of group work)
  • DIMENSIONS OF MY PAST, PRESENT AND FUTURE – Fourteen weekly 2hr. group sessions, three The College courses, one profile.
    Text: Man and the Universe
    Leadership Manual: Man and the Universe Training Manual
    Course #515: Energy Dynamics Workshop
    The College Course #562: Spiritual Direction and Inner Guidance
    The College Course #563: Accomplishment Through Personal Initiative
    1003-A: Percentage of Balance in Glandular System Profile
  • EXPLORING THE WISDOM OF MY UNIVERSE – Ten weekly 2 hr. group sessions, two The College courses, one profile.
    Text: The Dynamics of Astro-Soul
    Leadership Manual: The Dynamics of Astro Soul Leadership Training Manual
    The College Course #564: The Dynamics of Intuition, Vision, Prophecy and Feeling
    The College Course #565: Reality of My Life Awareness
    1003-B: Depth Therapy Profile

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