Astro Soul Groupwork

Structure Overview

Exploring the Fifth Dimension with Astro Soul

Astro Soul is the exploration into the fifth dimension and the unconscious mind. In Astro Soul programs you move from the dimension of space time to light time, traveling as a free agent at the speed of light. Without eyes you can see, without ears you can hear and without a physical body you can feel! You will realize that life on Planet Earth is but a blink of the eye in the time span of eternity.

This very advanced program and training of the College is composed of 4000 evolved souls who have come to give us a greater dimension of the laws of the universe without being influenced by dogma, theology or religion. Astro Soul is experiencing Planet Earth as a great soul where souls come together with different states of consciousness to learn, grow and find spiritual fulfillment.

In Astro Soul you will:

  • Realize there is no death and release the fear of the unknown
  • Understand and experience the reality of reincarnation and your continual process of soul evolution
  • Learn to heal yourself and also assist souls that have passed on in confusion through advanced healing and cleansing techniques
  • Expand your connection with the Higher Spirit through deeper and deeper levels and techniques of communication with your team of Master Souls
  • Come to know true Spiritual Freedom as you Astro Travel to the Source and through the depths of your Universe
  • Advance in your abilities to be a master of your personal energy and navigating the energies around you

Groupwork Structure

Astro Soul® Group Structure and Program Outline
Here are the steps that provide the depth and experiences for which you have been searching.

  1. The basic Astro Soul®Group Work components guide you through an ever unfolding process of self-enlightment. The words “unbelievably fulfilling” accurately describe Astro Soul group work.
  2. It begins with the one hour Astro-Soul Orientation Lecture which explains the four “zones of consciousness” in and around Planet Earth, the reality of your past, present and future and more.
  3. The Exploring the Fifth Dimension Workshop gives you first hand experience in Self Healing and Cleansing, Astro Trips to the Source and the practical use of Intuition and Psychometry in your daily life.
  4. Exploring the Fifth Dimension Group Structure – Part One begins the on-going weekly interactive meetings with sincerely searching people of like minds and hearts.

Ten weekly 2hr. group sessions, three ALC 700 series courses, three personal profiles.

  • 1001: Orientation Profile 1 hr
  • Course 701-A: The Dynamics of Astro-Soul
  • Course 701-B: The Dynamics of Astro-Soul
  • Course 701-C: The Dynamics of Astro-Soul
  • 1002-A: Blockage Discovery Counseling
  • 1003-A: Percentage of Balance in the Glandular System Profile

Text: True Feelings: The Center of Your World and Exploring the Fifth Dimension Group Manual Part 1

5. Exploring the Fifth Dimension Group Structure – Part Two continues the weekly meetings with more advanced techniques and profound Astro experiences

Eight Weekly 2 hr group sessions, two ALC 700 series courses, two personal profiles.

  • Course 714: My Past, My Present, My Destiny
    Course 760: Searching Within and Beyond Group Training
    1003-B: Depth Therapy Profile
    1003-C: Chakras Depth Chart Profile

Text: True feelings: The Center of My World and Exploring the Fifth Dimension Group Work Manual – Part 2

6. Searching Within and Beyond Group

In these on-going groups people learn more about themselves by practicing discernment and communication with their master souls at a deeper level. They practice unfolding their spiritual perceptions through deep meditation, semi-trance and trance. This group work delves into new dimensions of spiritual healing that release energy patterns of confusion from around the participant and in the environment.