SATIATED– Spiritual Theme of the Month

FILLED: I am filled with MY life, Spirit and the Universe. I am filled because of my thirst for them. When I ignore that “thirst,” I begin filling myself with something else, other than me. The interesting thing is, when I try-too-hard to get things, do things, or have things (or have someone) I will never be truly satisfied. Meaning, I will be caught in a cycle of, ‘The Great Out There’ (living for the outer). Yet, there is no trying to get it or achieve it or even have it . . . I am it; What ever I seek, it is me and I am it. While this can sound ethereal, it is very robust and practical. I allow myself to believe and feel what I am accomplishing spiritually, 100%, all the time. This is the feeling I take forward, to achieve, and to accomplish in my life. In other words, I will have a great deal of material things and have great relations, because I am filled with them. But if I lie to myself and say, I don’t have this or that, I will devolve into an emptiness — a state of being hollow and brittle; that’s what mental gymnastics are all about. The facts are, when I know that I know, I am the authority for me and security is within me. I am in-charge of my energy and free from the void.


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