BELIEVER– Spiritual Theme of the Month

WARMTH: The warmth I feel inside comes from the energy that I am; a well-spring of the soul. While it can appear that I am motivated by exterior things, I am basically stimulated to act by what is within. The facts are, whether I am ‘doing’ because of fear or because of freedom, it is actually because of what is going-on inside. I could not be moved by it, unless there was something to make it so. This could be expressed in a different way, what you see in me you have in you. That means, if I see something I like, I must have it, and if I see something that bothers me, or rattles-my-cage, I have that too. If I encounter something I don’t really like, but it doesn’t get to me very much, then I have taken a big step in mastering that area. As long as I am being honest with myself, I can discern where I am at and what I need to work on. It’s a bigger picture I tune-into when I realize, it’s all about me! All the people, the situations, the politics, the dis-eases and yes, even all the concepts and confusion; it’s all “here for me.” I am comforted that people-will-be-people and that this place is a giant school; to learn and grow spiritually. Along my journey there are times I can rest and enjoy the heat from a fireplace and there are times when I stay warm by being active and involved on my adventures. Both are important, but it is essential to remember there is always a fire inside.


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