I am the sum total of all my experiences I have accumulated over eons of time.  Because I respect this, I do not risk squandering what I have gathered.  This guides me in my ‘decisions.’  I must define what are the things I care about.  I must identify who are the people I care about.  I must assess if that’s where I’m putting my time and energy, because it is my actions that make me an ‘example’ one way or the other . . . to emulate or to avoid.  Because I have grown so much spiritually, I have to decide how I am going to use all I have learned to be of service.  I need to make that choice.  Without it there is no commitment.  In my case, I have decided to utilize ALL that I have gathered for my own benefit, and to be of service.  The only thing that can delay my steady march is not allowing myself to accept the wisdom from what I have sensed, seen, heard, and felt.  If I can’t be happy all the time something is wrong . . . all I need to do is start to gather up what I am moving toward, and be ready to pass it on.

I am in a state of having pulled together everything that I have amassed though my life experiences, now it is only a question of where to invest it!  My shining example and powerful light is a byproduct of the fusion I create, first inside and then giving direction to help others come together.  I begin with the Need, the Feeling, the Decision.  Then I turn to my facts, my when and where.  Finally, I move into the details of Planification (evaluation of energy), Execution (marshalling of resources), and Labor (deployment of energy).

It’s important to reflect on the real estate I have built, spiritually and materially.  It’s beneficial to take time to inventory my assets.  It’s healthy to take a moment to enjoy and appreciate everything that I’ve succeeded in assembling and organizing, to have at my disposal.  That’s the pause that refreshes the feeling of being one with all.  When I fully embrace the reality of my life, I realize that there are even greater resources becoming available to me all the time.  My challenge is what, when, where, and why to direct all that energy I’ve gathered, because it’s me that’s getting something out of it.

My dealings with other people here on Planet Earth involve shared authority and shared responsibility.  But I am just passing through the Big School, my real home is the universe . . . and on that cosmic scale, I share authority over myself and responsibility for myself with no one.  This highlights whether I’m motivated by fairness and wanting things to grow, or by the temptation to take advantage of people and situations.  When it comes to the team, am I pulling together, or am I pulling apart?  Am I using my savoir-faire and my magnetism to allow people and things to reach fruition?

I appreciate that the nature of the universe is “like attracts like.”  There is a strong spiritual gravity that I can work with, rather than against.  To me it’s worthwhile to ask what my experiences – waking life and dreaming life – are telling me.  Am I utilizing all of what I know . . . or am I letting myself be distracted from the goals which are most meaningful to me.  I am unique and must measure myself by my innate purpose more than the yardstick of society.  That’s why my routines include “taking stock,” to help me maintain my “inner” as my “pivot.”  Otherwise, there is no solidity on which I can rely.  Without real grounding, the forces that I’ve rallied can erode a piece at a time.

The perspective of others with whom I regularly interact raises many possibilities, but it is always up to me to chart my course.  I never find a shortage of opinions and attitudes “out there”; I take them all with a grain of salt.  To me, that’s why having inner guidance to go by is so valuable.  When I team up with other people, my certainty is founded in being faithful to my feelings.  To progress, I must focus on ‘who I’m walking toward,’ not ‘who I’m walking with.’  Affinity will naturally pull me in the right direction, but there ultimately comes a time when I have to make “that decision.”  A point of no return.  An embrace of my future.


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