It is said that, building myself spiritually is building my real estate in the universe.  My feelings already know this to be true.  My intellect must sometimes catch up.  I have come to ‘understand’ however that My focus determines my reality, and therefore what I put energy into will have ‘life.’  What has become clearer is, I can involve myself with almost anything, but is it what I have come to do . . . is it something I will take with me?  Discerning better what I have been programmed is a good technique in helping me figure out, ‘what’s me and what’s not me.’  The onion layers start peeling away.  This happens quicker and easier when I am ‘focused’ on building myself spiritually (in all my roles and opportunities).

Energy is energy.  The more I get the facts, the more I realize there is no ‘free-lunch.’  Everything has a price.  While I ‘think’ I am getting something cheap, or for ‘free,’ it inevitably comes back into balance . . . and I end up paying the full price for what I have.  So, it is really me being clearer with what I need and want, then organizing myself to achieve & accomplish it.  There is nothing else to contemplate, only the creativity in bringing it about; in manifesting it.

Love is energy, love holds my cells together.  Love is an energy pattern.  I am love; everyone is love.  The key is refining my energy ‘pattern’ to be more pure love; to be love all the time.  First I must commit myself to myself.   Outgrowing the bonds and limitations of planet earth must be a priority, one I regroup around on a routine basis.  My Spiritual Helpers did it, I am in the process of doing it.  How can I do it better?  I don’t need to do more, I just need to focus on doing better . . . more will then take care of itself.  I then become freer in all my situations.  I then work from that loving vibration, which I can invest into what I need and want.  I am willing to pay the price because I know what’s in it for me.

How do I limit myself?  I can do it by living others’ dreams or accepting other people’s fears.  I can do it by NOT getting the Facts, especially the ‘Why.’  I can do it by ‘finding ways’ to blow my timing and stay doing ‘busy-work.’  I can do it by trying to ‘live’ the past or the future.  I can even do it by not having respect for others or self-respect.  There are amazing and complicated mazes to limit myself.  All that is really happening is the strangulation of my personal power; the dimming of the real me.  I will become dependent on outer things to sustain me.  It can be like an addiction.  I know I am really in deep when I think I cannot live without something or someone.  It’s easy to remember really, the more complicated I make things and play with it that way = less energy, less me.  The simpler I make things and involve myself in them = more energy, more me.

I am a god, among gods. The god in me salutes the god in you.  I do this every time I accept and respect the person, the soul, as they are.  Not what ‘should’ be.  I can share and inspire, but manipulating people to be what I think they should be is infringement and interfering in their evolution . . .  it’s outer dictatorship with force.  The main problem in getting involved with all this, is I will eventually become a slave, and begin manifesting some of the troubles ‘that’ person has.  If I really feel like doing some good, I need to give opportunity.  If they don’t take it, I know they are not ready for it.  If they accept the challenge, I continue doing my 50%.  I too need to share and be a part of what others have to offer.   There are just too many people needing what I have to share to spend it on someone who is unwilling to do their 50%.  I simply focus on finding them and not allowing the opportunity to pass me by.

This is much how the universe and spirit works.  There are waves of energy moving through, some bigger than others, but always consistent.  The universe and spirit aren’t ‘worried’ about me.  Spirit simply is constant about giving opportunity and sharing messages.  They know what I am capable of, which makes it difficult to manipulate them or play poor-little-me.  Time to get in alignment with the bigger picture —  I know that I am here to evolve.  Every opportunity brings me closer to the vibration of my Helpers; when I truly learn and grow from my experiences, that is what happens.  The statement of, “Do the best I know how” has real meaning and power.  As a sincere searcher, it becomes self-preservation.

The power within never ceases.  The convergence of myself, Spirit and the Universe is my desire.  I accept all things, people, and the influences as they are.  I am willing to work with anyone in order to accomplish my purpose.  I am unstoppable.  I am wave after wave of happiness, success, and abundance.  There is no stopping my evolution, no stopping what I have come to do . . . there is no stopping me from all the peace, love and freedom I am; I am that juggernaut.


The Way of the Wayshower®  ©Alley Creative Inc. 2017