Growing Executive of Tomorrow

For ages 12-28

The Department of Operation Action includes the community program Growing Executives of Tomorrow and the specialized courses of the Gateway to the Business World.

Growing Executives Of Tomorrow was founded to provide young people, ages 12-28, with executive training through action and involvement in life. G.E.T. group work and courses prepare you to unfold your innate potential for success in society. You soon discover your inner resources are very abundant as you become the leaders of yourself. As an old soul, you learn to maintain your child-like enthusiasm to accomplish with confidence, poise and maturity.

What you experience in G.E.T:

  • Unwavering self respect
  • Follow-through to successful completion
  • Having inner authority
  • Learning to trust their sensitivity and discernment
  • Gathering life wisdom from daily accomplishment
  • Personal and Team management and delegation
  • There is no greater than or lesser than opportunity

People experiencing GET who enjoy the summer camp environment can attend the Operation Action Youth Retreats for a 24/7 adventure in self-discovery, teamwork techniques, supervised challenge programs, and fun learning while doing! As the OA motto says, “I’m an OAer, a Doer of Action!


Gateway to the Business World offers unique ALC courses designed to inspire you in the business of YOU! Through enhanced communication skills, more focused direction, compact planning, execution and labor and powerful self-motivation, these course will change your attitude and manifestation of success.

In the Business World you will:

  • Find a new level of passion and enthusiasm for your life’s work
  • Learn how to put life force energy behind your goals
  • Harness your strengths in better organization to get more done in less time
  • Clarify the kinks in your energy that undermine your direction
  • Create unbounded self confidence and esteem as you travel your daily pathways