MOBILITY– Spiritual Theme of the Month

FULLNESS: Acceptance of who and what I am spiritually, is the difference between success on the one hand and that which is of only physical gain, on the other. After all, what will I have when I go home? It is that acceptance which keeps me flexible enough to move freely; to do what is needed in the moment in order to accomplish my opportunity here, while being abundant in the material world. By contrast, when I play around with rejection of the real me, I become stiff, closed or limited; growth becomes painful. The fullness of life is in embracing the spirit. And when I say “spirit,” I refer to both the inner and the outer; something I can really feel, not just an idea. Unlocking my potential includes reaching my fullness in all the areas I am building; trying things, sometimes failing, always learning and eventually succeeding. And of course, connecting it all to my personal/spiritual growth. That is to say, making what I am pulling together for myself, a way-of-life. A key component in all this is allowing myself to expand in all my adventures, situations, dealings, and even setbacks. Up or down, left or right, it is mine to claim and mine to succeed. I must be comfortable to want and need.


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