REVIVE – Spiritual Theme of the Month

RENEW: It is simple to do what I have come to do. Any thought, any voice or any situation that is contrary to this fact, is not my primary mission. Fulfilling on my needs, my aspirations and my work, is exactly what I have designed myself for and exactly what I have in my life now. Anytime I get decoyed, or go off on a tangent, I can hop right back into what I need to be doing. I imagine my being on a large motorway and accidentally taking an exit. After driving a little, I realize I am not meant to be on that particular road . . . and simply find the best way to get back on the motorway, whether that is through a different road entirely or actually turning around. It’s that simple. What I don’t do, is keep driving in the wrong direction! Or worse, get out and set the car on fire because I am angry. No. I renew myself on the spot. Through working with guidance, setting my direction and getting into action. There is no complexity in spirit or the universe. There is great sophistication, but there is nothing complicated about it. This is one way I know when I am on a tangent — things seem to get complicated. That is not my way. As a matter of fact, I am here to simplify things for myself, and to assist others in doing the same. I am the most alive when I am on my path and in my timing.


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