Galvanize- March 2019

What is greater than what I have come to do? Is ‘she’ greater? Is ‘he’ greater? Are the rivers and mountains greater? How about queens or kings, are they greater. What about the saints? Or the solar system — any of that “greater”. . . well, no. . .none of that is. I am not lesser, just as I am not greater. I am the same. . . as are All. The only difference is my state of consciousness; my experiences I have turned into wisdom. Even my Guidance are not better than me. They have simply mastered the lessons I am working on. If I do not claim my opportunity, I will limit my progress. The dirty little secret is, I am great and powerful, at all times. I may get caught “thinking” otherwise, but that is only a lie I am accepting. I invigorate myself simply by choosing to be wholly me. Choosing to be the best that I can be. My cells begin working at a more efficient level. My aura expands further toward its potential. I feel guidance and the universe in my involvement. With one breath, one thought, I return to me and what I have come to do. I take that breath now! I work with that thought now! And working with love & respect, I let nothing get in the way of my happiness, success and abundance. I galvanize me to do what I have come to do. . .and that will impel everything around me.

My Spiritual Helpers will stimulate me when they come close. I can learn from this, IF, I do my part. If I fall prey to the idea that God will take care of me (without me doing my part), I will lower my vibration. Without the ‘Decision’ and the ‘Commitment’ to do the best I know how, I will be the one who prevents much of what is considered grace, to move through me and manifest. While there is always help and always backing, it is me and my lack-of-follow through that prevents undisturbed and uninterrupted heaven in my life. On the other hand, when I receive and apply sublime insights & inspiration, I am working with the power of the universe in what I am doing. Learning and Growing becomes natural and flowing. My vision becomes clear again and I see my life as one big great opportunity. . .made especially for me! I rise above the pettiness of personalities to be of true-service in my dealings. A respect is formed around me and through me, as if all things recognize something powerful in their presence. This is the real me, working hand in hand with spirit. Not afraid of anything, but rather a walking healing to myself and others. Realizing I am instrumental within the teamwork of spirit, brings “home” to wherever I am. It brings peace to me, even while I’m powering through the challenges of the world.

There is an amazing balance maintained between my two worlds; the spiritual and the material. While I am a free agent in the universe spiritually. . .moving by desire, I am also involved in the aspirations, achievement, advancement, action, and accomplishment I undertake in this world. Ensuring that I have this in both feeling & intellect is important. Both worlds revolve around my “needs”; Something that transcends all. This is mission, this is purpose. The mission of me; my purpose here. It is the true incentive, underneath my goals and aspirations. There are countless things I can get involved in while I am here and many times more states of awareness I interact with. Meaning, there is a lot flowing through the waters of my daily life. If I am sensitive, I must steel myself toward my life, and not get caught in the lives of others. This does not mean I have to fight for something, or force something; why fight for something I already have? From my own pivot, I am electric, I am alive! This fullness is reached because I am clear about my first loyalty. This Beingness, is a major key to being a wayshower. If I’m not feeling the continuity and fun, then I’m doing it wrong.

I’ve heard it said that, “Opportunity is bald.” Since opportunity has no hair, I know that I must stay alert to seize it as it approaches . . . because it’s hairless, it’s tougher to grab ahold of once it’s passed! It’s the old “Carpe Diem” (Seize the Day).

The tides of life and time take me toward and away from people and things. That is why I have oars. It’s up to me to use them. And to use them, ideally, in a way I am working with the tide (of opportunity). I begin by announcing my desire and willingness to unequivocally assume my rightful role — a proclamation to myself, to guidance and to the universe; this is the vibration of “decision.” Next, I work with guidance for insights and inch-by-inch measures I can take to begin a new habit (routine) of seeking outlets for my new and improved perspective. Practical insights and simple steps, like going to the grocery store more aware of my time and energy (and that of others, too). Getting keywords before leaving for an appointment and regrouping on them after. This is ‘Teamwork’ with spirit, “50/50.” Finally, I release my intention and steps to spirit. From that bigger picture I am guided. Instead of a jolt of energy from trying to make it happen, I experience a smooth unfoldment of successes. My powers open organically and naturally, much as if I rouse from a slumber, refreshed and ready. All I need to do is follow through. It is however, amazing how the concepts of inadequacy and insufficiency can create so much challenge. Entertaining such ideas will inevitably cause me to get smaller and smaller (to work harder and harder). Why not swim downstream when I have the choice. This is the symbol of
working within the momentum of the bigger picture and spirit, to fulfill my opportunity within the journey. In other words, the only ‘lack’ is the one I buy.

Just as I am spiritually in a constant state of evolvement, I am consistently in the process of remaking myself. I have to want to bring in what I was, to perpetuate the old me, when I wake. Meaning, I open my eyes to a fresh new day, everyday. I fortify my life with what I need and want daily, hourly, minute-by-minute, and in every breath. As I’ve reminded myself before, If I do what I’ve always done, I’m going to get what I’ve always got. I can be the same, if it works for me. I can change, if something doesn’t work for me. Those are the facts! That means when “change” is needed, I must be completely committed to what I seek. Otherwise I will bring the past into the present, and remake myself in the image of my old state of consciousness; my persona will become more important than what is needed. Fortunately, in reality there is no limitation or bad habit that can keep me from my goal. As a matter of fact, I am energized into a renewed me, when I feel the success of where I am going, the people I am to meet, the exciting opportunities that await me. There is nothing to stop the tsunami of my true desire; that is when I “want my needs.” I galvanize myself with
the backing of the universe, when I take action on my inspiration . . . to live!


The Way of the Wayshower®
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