Two Types of Spiritual Leadership Training

Get certified as a Spiritual Educator and Professional Consultant.

The College is an institution of higher learning dedicated to providing you with the most practical courses, techniques and community programs available. We provide highly professional standards, ethics and training to spiritual educators around the world.

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Give opportunity to others in your community to feel the inner freedom that flows.Add a Tooltip Text


Become a certified, professional consultant to administer Profiles to a person to guide them to clearly see what is truth for him/herself.


Continue to actively take part in your own personal spiritual growth.


Guide and train others to be spiritual leaders

Leadership Training Departments

Inner Peace Movement (IPM)

Founded by Dr. Francsico Coll in 1964 and was the first spiritual program to receive nationwide coverage in the media. As such it helped pioneer, in the masses, the spiritual awakening so prevalent around the globe today. IPM programs are groups of people who have the common bond of wanting to grow spiritually without dogma, theology or a figure head directing and overseeing their growth.

Astro Soul

Astro Soul is the exploration into the fifth dimension and the unconscious mind. In Astro Soul programs you move from the dimension of space time to light time, traveling as a free agent at the speed of light. Without eyes you can see, without ears you can hear and without a physical body you can feel! You will realize that life on Planet Earth is but a blink of the eye in the time span of eternity.

Profound Mystical Meditation

Become a master at communicating with your Angels/Spirit Guides. Unfold your Mystical ESP and start attracting success. Experience stress dissolving in your life. Discover the deeper realities of your relationships with spouses, family, and friends.

Religion and Philosophy

The Department of Religion and Philosophy of the College clarifies your religious and philosophical concepts in relation to your Spiritual Reality. In the community, Peace Community Church Programs create a fellowship of people meeting in a loving and non-judgmental atmosphere. These Circle of Love gatherings offer healing techniques that uplift and inspire a balance of giving and receiving. They are open to people of all cultures, faiths and spiritual education who desire to grow in acceptance and respect for all mankind.

Professional Training Tracks

Instructor Training

Consultant Training

Ministerial Training

One of the most dynamic opportunities as a Spiritual Educator is instructing any one of the hundreds of courses offered by the Americana Leadership College.

Become Certified to administer one-on-one spiritual profiles, a unique method of self-discovery developed by Dr. Coll.

Over a three to four year curriculum, you can progressively become a licensed student, licensed teacher, licensed minister leading to becoming an Ordained Minister.




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