BOND – Spiritual Theme of the Month

Join:  There is no growth without at least a little oneness. I expand personally because I am accommodating more of ‘life’ within me (not less). In other words, my ideas & concepts shift & “grow,” into something larger; something more inclusive of my needs. This is part of the “Evolution of the Soul.”  It is however interesting, that as I progress spiritually, I will start floating away from certain group thinking or situations. It is because I am outgrowing certain parts and becoming one with others. That is what allows me to rise. It is not-so-much rejecting the “bad,” as it is the acceptance of my “needs.”  It is my willingness to join with life that I become more . . . more of who I am. And that is how I get closer to oneness. It is not the absence of “me” that makes me one-with-all, it is more of me.


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