THRILL – Spiritual Theme of the Month

WAVE: The Universe is ever present, the Sun consistently shines, and the tides will come in and go out. Even more, my Guidance are always with me and ready to share. I have learned a great deal in this life. And while I know I have grown; I am very aware that it continues to be me that limits my energy. I am a key factor in being one-with-all, not my mommy or daddy, not my partner, and not outer government. The Universe is doing its part, Spirit is doing its part, so the only thing left is MY Part! If I am going to be successful, with the limited time I have here, I must catch the wave of success; they are consistently coming through. I may fall, I may get tossed around, I may even get hit, but as long as I regroup and get going again, it is only a matter of time until I am riding that wave.


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