Entirely – February 2019

It’s all here, waiting and available for me. Much like the song goes, angels on high, with nothing to do . . . but to give. In order to fully fulfill what I have come to do, I need to be “All-In.” I need to claim my opportunities. There is no room for lack or limitation in that. It is about completely and wholly investing in ME. When everything is said and done, that is what I will take with me after all . . . Me. Everything else is temporary. I cannot take the gold or treasure, the planes and cars, I cannot take the mountains or the people, I cannot even take my physical body. All I take with me, is the “depth” that comes from moving through awareness and levels of consciousness; the growth through experience I have accumulated. It is an illusion to think I will grow or gain by something, out there, doing it “for me” (particularly when I can do it for myself). The Universe is available, Spirit is waiting . . . all for me. I can choose to claim it all or just a little, that is the power I have. The power to become utterly “one with” my opportunity, and to realize who I am.

It is important to remain vigilant against, ‘finding’ or ‘accepting’ reasons (excuses) to think or feel excluded. That is a blackhole. There is no way out of this kind of thinking or vibration. Until I rise up, I will go around and around looking for another ‘trick’ to keep the turmoil away. That is why negative thinking, or destructive thinking, is considered a “blackhole.” It wastes a great deal of time. Such patterns of thought are inevitably involving myself in, nothingness. This vibration can start subtly and before I know it, it’s a “broken record” of intellect & emotion. Who has the time or energy for that? Surely not I. The Real Me seeks to be ‘totally’ involved. I immerse myself in spirit; thereafter, from spirit I emerge. Likewise, if I play around with complicated and confusing ideas . . . well, I know what will emerge from that, too. There is a passage that awaits me; I must step through, to the other side. It is the steps of simplicity, ease, fun, fulfillment as I live and breathe that are tantamount to “results.” Result of pure soul.

Make no mistake, I enjoy and want assistance, backing and support. I am a firm believer in Teamwork! After all that is a win, win, win situation. Despite any challenges I have in dealing with people, this place would be pretty boring without them. It is natural to want to be a part of things and be attracted to people with whom I have affinities and contracts. The key is not becoming over-concerned about what people think, nor having a lack-of-concern for people’s needs. “True-Concern,” is the outward manifestation of my love. This balance, is ideal. It is healthy to be-of-service when and where I can; this is outflow. It is also healthy to appreciate that all the people I encounter have their own experiences, master souls and four spiritual gifts to draw on. It is unlikely I need to “save” them or give them their answers. When I see pain in others, it can stimulate things inside I have gone through, or may be unresolved. I may want to spare them from that pain. Instead, all I need to do is tune back into “True-Concern” (for the soul). Once there, I can better discern my role and the timing of any involvement. I can work with people — release them and move forward — without worrying about them. They are getting something out of what they are doing, or not doing, and so am I. This vibration keeps me on track with what I come to do . . . and purely accepting people as they are.

I have shared before, but I remind myself: I did not come here to get “caught” in the past or limiting states of consciousness. I am powerful and I am here to do my thing with that power. And just like my freedom, I am infinitely more powerful than I will sometimes accept. So much so it can scare me, what I am truly capable of. The spiritual phrase, “I am here to become a master of my energy,” is a direct expression of that power. Trying to become powerful over people is a decoy, a misconception of the finite time I have here. If I do not utilize my resources to build My-Self and be of service, I will eventually get stuck in Power Trips. This can engender anger or resentment for those in power positions; the mirror image of resentment towards myself. It is a sign I am thinking I have no personal power. This is bred by fear of success. Most of my ‘problems’ come from incomplete or broken continuity. In other words, I separate myself and deny my power. Fundamentally, I am here for the full learning lesson, so I grow. That is not to say I go forth without balance; I am balance. Balance is not dividing up my time to accommodate everyone and everything. It is, and will always be, within — whether I invest all my time in one thing or many. I will make mistakes but they can be magical (if I learn). It is possible I may misuse my power along the way. This is part of the process. So, I have the discipline to recheck my motives and move forward with “service” and “freedom” as my guides.

It is a real need to work faithfully with my energy and direction. The better I am at staying true to myself, the more I will embrace the journey of life, “without reservation.” Eventually, in my vibration, “saying” and “doing” will be one and the same; I will be deeply connected to what I need and seek. That is me giving 100% to me. I will begin attracting those who are willing to do, and be, themselves. I will also know better where people fit (work with them where they can build, not where they tear down). Being too picky or perfect with people or opportunities is folly. And so, I am willing to work with anyone, in order to fulfill and accomplish my purpose. Because of this, I believe in the “K.I.S.S.” acronym: Keep It Simple Spiritual. I believe in Facts. I believe in True-Feelings. I stay alert when there are missing facts, or twisted facts. I stay alert to emotionalism and apathy. This is all part of my learning. The growth comes in the unconditional acceptance of it all. All this makes me, me. I have experienced many things, had ups & downs, played many roles, wore many cloths . . . but it is and always will be entirely me.


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