There is always more depth that I can probe.  Wisdom from which I can draw, like water from the well.  Am I working with my Guidance, or something else?  Am I working with the ‘Universe’, or something less?  To grow at my own pace, it is important that I tap from the Source.  While it is true that — one way or the other — I gain something from all my experiences, it is the ‘involvement’ with my purpose within them, when I really start to grow at that pace.  ‘Accepting’ that All things are a means to an end, frees me to be me.  This is the beginning of soul consciousness.

It’s in my best interest to fully appreciate the people and things I encounter because of the opportunity they provide me.  I become the Happy Wanderer.  I am the pilgrim committed to his journey, I am the spiritual entrepreneur.  “I see my life as one great big opportunity, made especially for me.”  What I have come to do is not com-pli-cated, it is simple.  I come here to learn and grow, to evolve to become a master of my own energy and destiny.  Now my thirst will be quenched from the well.

It is only from ignorance that I vainly look for answers in the outer.  It is not good nor bad that I do so, it is simply lack of understanding of my true nature.  Once I am awakened, however, it is important that I create a strong habit of returning home, of seeking my answers from the Pool of My Akashic Records.  I can be helped along my path by beautiful ‘hints’ and by many Wayshowers, even by spiritual guidance, but all my real answers will come from within.

That’s how I know I’m working with something with a higher vibration — there will be no infringement on my free will, they will never interfere or do it for me — they will only offer glimpses and clues as they too progress on their own path, independent of me.  Inspiration and Guidance are great examples to see, they bring out the beingness in me.

There is no one that came to do what I have come to do.  I need to avoid any assuming or expecting that someone, or something, will reinforce what I am building for myself.  While people can ‘back me’, it is my opportunity to keep what is sacred, sacred.  Since the soul moves by desire, ‘Desire’ is a vibration to stay in-tune with.  Then my wants are in harmony with my needs, then I utilize my material world for growth and fulfillment.

When I am in-tune, I can enjoy all the material things without being possessed by them.  In short, I start working with things as a means to be of greater service to myself and others, especially those people I come to work with.  I respect them all for what they are and what they can do.  This sets a higher standard for myself and it allows me to work and live at that standard.  It becomes a living guide for what I am willing to get involved in and what is not my business anymore.

I rally from the ‘pure’ sources — that which is ‘positive’ to me, not that which is negative to me.  Positive means it works for me; it builds me.  Anything that works against me needs to be put on the shelf for a while.  Not because it is ‘bad’, but because I have not learned to handle it yet . . . I haven’t matured in that area, yet.  The best thing I can do is be good and kind to myself, and then allow myself to slowly, one step at a time, explore the areas that can work against me.  Soon I will understand them better and begin the process of mastering them and bringing them into balance within me.  That is how I can take something that used to work against me and transform it into an asset, something that shores me up over time.

One of the universal laws of magnetism is, Live and Let Live.  A cornerstone of this is my willingness to extend moral support and backing to people but “let them go” to be free and have their own experiences.  There is no shortcut that got me where I am today.  I had to go through what I had to go through.  And, for better or for worse, my loved ones too will go through what they need to go through, one way or the other.  The question I ask myself, in order to keep myself in check is, “Do I have enough love to NOT control or manipulate, regardless of the moral or righteous reasoning.”

I must honor my own creativity.  Allow myself to express what I have in unique and new ways. Whether this involves experimenting with new recipes in the kitchen, exploring new ways to communicate with my friends, or even finding novel solutions to challenges at work.  Bringing it from the aether and making it practical and real, is what will set the vibration of heaven in everything I do.  Then, I’m really cooking.

It’s natural for me to feel attraction.  But I can’t become trapped in ‘longing’ for something, or for someone.  Trying to ‘make’ it happen, or suck it into existence like a vampire.

This is typically what people refer to as greed.  If I am looking for something to “complete me,” at any level, I have already created separation.  Seeking out opportunities and experiences because I’m ready for the opportunity to learn and grow, not because of a concept that I’m lacking, is the way-to-go.

I must set a spiritual alarm for “fighting other people’s battles.”  This is just another way of saying, I’ve gotten caught in something that is not my business, and I’m feeding it energy.  I need to be alert to becoming seduced by moral issues and the supposed rights and wrongs of things.  If I let myself fall into that, pretty soon I’m catering to people’s happiness rather than leading toward fulfillment.  (Society foolishly rewards external glory and criticizes inner security.)

Sometimes there is an inner militancy and drive, in order for me to fulfill what I need to do. Sometimes I can feel the weight of other people’s fears, or my own past fears.  Those are the times I must call on that which is within, deep inside.  I don’t need to know all the answers, I simply need to move forward one foot in front of the other.  Then, I fully realize that I render my own reality, express my own joy . . . and have the deep satisfaction of sharing it with others.


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