With every breath I take I have 100% life and vitality. The only time I don’t experience this is when I stray from my purpose. What are the influences that throw me off my pivot point? And most importantly, if I’m off track, how do I get back to my real self? Actually, it is my ability—and willingness—to regroup that distinguishes whether my personal progress is swift or stymied. My honesty and my fairness to myself is my spiritual currency. Regularly, I ask myself in what am I investing my time and energy, and what “return” am I
manifesting. I have put a lot of time and effort into getting where I am. I have built positive relationships with my feelings, with my guidance, with my circle of loved ones, friends, and associates. But I can’t afford to take things for granted. Or indulge in the glory trip of “resting on my laurels.” The shark lives because it swims, it swims in order to live. To grow, I must refresh myself, consciously or unconsciously, every minute, every hour, every day; as the saying goes, “a new day’s born at dawn.” I have come to view myself as that new day, constantly evolving. I appreciate that every time I breathe in and out, I am born anew. There is no substitute for spiritual cleansing, and returning to my home base in the Big Picture. My connection with the galaxy is reaffirmed. All is well.

I can catch myself thinking that, the sun goes up and the sun goes down. Sometimes I forget, that very sun is always shining, somewhere. As a matter of fact, it never stops shining. That’s like me, as a soul. And why is this important? Well, if I lose sight of my big picture I will consciously and unconsciously start accepting limitations. I will ‘buy-into’ the concept of being tired, when in reality I’m just bored. That being said, I can always find ways to zap my energy and indeed get tired. The root of all this usually comes from not minding my business—“my own business”—and not listening to my spiritual alarms. Keeping my big picture clear, and at the forefront of my mind, is the key to being fresh and refreshed for all I am involved in.

There is no separation. I cannot be apart. I am part . . . a part of the whole. The more I allow myself to be whole inside the more I will understand and experience “one with all.” It is at that point I begin to feel the universe at my fingertips: The endless possibilities, the potential and the affluence. Anytime I feel lost or damaged, in any way, I am working within my ‘excuses’. It is that simple. There’s no need to sugarcoat it, or pretend that I’m doing something else. Anytime I’m not invigorated by the opportunities at hand, I’m involved in my excuses, and catering to them. If I find myself there, it’s a simple matter of tuning back into what I’m building (for myself) and then moving forward in the direction of my true objective. The first step in achievement is being clear about what I want, the second step is organizing myself to move toward it. As long as I am willing to follow through, toward my goals, I will feel alive within every step and mini-step I take.

It’s not so much the body needing sleep, as much as it is the soul needing the regrouping. This is a strong reminder that I am here to evolve and grow. It is the real me that has this need. Physically, my body never switches off. When I rest, my heart is still pumping, my cells are regenerating, and the body is still processing. Physically, I am in a constant state of building and reconstructing. That is why is it important to treat The Vehicle, that is, my physical body, with love and respect …  and to think the thoughts that are for my purpose. Once I am accepting of the “soul needing regrouping”, I will need less sleep. Meaning, when I do rest, I will stretch-out and get my needs met. When I return I’ll be ready for the next opportunity and adventure. I will find myself regrouping on a more frequent basis while I’m conscious, and even within my opportunities, at once both doing them and regrouping them. That is what is referred to as praying without ceasing, or meditation in action. It basically means I will be revitalized with everything I feel, everything I think and everything I do. This is what is available to me at all times, and to all others.

It is good to have an outer sanctuary to go to, so that I feel restored. It is however inner sanctuary where my true needs will be met. In the end, there is no safe place that is truly safe, other than My Feelings, My Thoughts and My Actions. To say this another way, it is nice to go to places where I can relax; it’s like taking a deep breath and pausing during some good hard work. But, just leave me in that safe and relaxed place for a little while and I’ll find a way to re-create my tragedies. If I want to feel and be the restoration in my life, then I need to put everything I have into everything I do. I would say, that is to put all of myself into my involvement. When I do so, I cannot help but be successful. It is actually my inner security which accelerates everything that I come to work with, helping me recognize the particular people whom I have come to work with. What could be more invigorating than that?

I am sensitive that, as a wayshower, what I share can be powerful. Not in the sense of being vain, that somehow I have the answers for other people (which I certainly do not), but from the practical perspective that what I have pulled together for myself can be powerful for others—A freeing word, an accepting look, a gentle touch—in reality, all these things are many times more powerful than I think. It is awe-inspiring to see the spirit, rise within someone, after great challenges. Helping free people, spiritually, is the greatest gift I can share with anyone. It is for all-time. I need to be sure to give myself this gift. The ones that come to work with me and the ones I come to work with will sense this within. We will find each other and be attracted like magnets and gravity. It is an accumulative effect when I build from high to high. Even my old blocks and limiting concepts will have difficulties getting ahold of me. Truly this moment will not come again. The past is the past . . . and is “passed.” It is all fresh now. I am creating my destiny. I rejuvenate by making myself new.


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