If I am to be purposeful, if I am to have purpose, if I am to fulfill my purpose, then I need to accept the spiritual fact that, I am the Mission. There is no cause, ‘out there,’ that will satisfy the need within. As a matter of fact, in the end, I do things for my own benefit. Even when I am charitable, I am doing it for myself; for what I get out of it. It is essential I accept this power to grow at my potential. Making my purpose a way of life is living and bathing in all the beauty & greatness. I see all things as perfect and a means to an end. I do not get caught up in trivia. I am at peace and live free. With this in my aura, I naturally open to what my opportunity is and what will be.

It takes hard work for me not to be successful. When I step up and look down from a bigger picture, everything is here for me; all the oxygen, all the sun, all the water, all the people. There is so much available I even have to be careful not to bite off more than I can handle — there is more opportunity than I can be involved in, many lifetime’s worth. So, it’s all here for me. But, I reflect on some of my past experiences and how much resistance I put into what I have done. I am impressed at how much I resist success. It can happen when I am not in-charge of my energy, it can happen when I stop playing-the-game-of-life, it can happen when I make things more important than people & people’s fears more important than what I have come to do.

The reality is when I am in the rhythm of nature and in the flow of the Universe, I cannot help but be successful. It’s just normal to move from high to high. My love and interest are endless. For me it is clear; If I am there in spirit, I will go there in the body. The only limitations I have are the ones I think I have.

In truth, I have no limitations. Any time I feel an excuse coming on or feeling low, I say to myself three times, “I have no limitations . . . I have no limitations . . . I have no limitations.” I imagine myself flying higher and higher, further and further. Every tool and technique becomes even more useful. As I practice life, I naturally unfold, and loosen & trim away the strings that have been holding me back. I have love for myself and true concern & real compassion for everything. Not only do I free myself, but I am vigilant to keep from getting freshly caught up in bondage anew. I am happy and free to just be. I explore that infinite without losing my pivot point.

It is possible to undervalue what it took to get where I am. My heart goes out to those in the process of what I have gone through, making how much time and energy it took me to get here a little hazy. While my backing is important, I need to avoid stealing from people — Trying to do for those who can do for themselves, is a sophisticated form of theft; I take away their opportunity. Spiritually, this is like someone who has climbed halfway up the mountain but something outside is pulling them down. Now they have to start all over again, climbing. The best thing I can do is give moral support, offer guidance (based on my wisdom) and hold out the occasional helping hand.

Real power comes from accomplishing things for myself. I stimulate the vibration of my potential. I continue reacquainting myself with the Real Me. While there are many things I do that seem like “doing it the hard way” to others (and they’re probably right), I will not grow if I am not allowed to move through it. Of course I would love some assistance when I am having challenges, I simply make sure I don’t take anything for granted.

To touch on this a little more, there are times I need to remove my backing, my energy, from things or people. I do this when the vibration is destructive. When things are destructive to me or my interests I need to regroup that energy. Any energy I spend in fighting or defending inevitably feeds the thing that tears me down. If I feed it, I create it. There are no ‘bad souls’, just confused ones. Some people may have bad habits or attitudes, but I am made of the same thing as them.

So, when there is destructive behavior my energy will pull back, where there is building & positive behavior I give of myself more. This is the law of nature, the law of spirit and the law of the All. Positive, or building, energy & vibration are orders of magnitude greater than negative or destructive energy. If I am caught in my maze I will start believing that some lower energy level is normal, when in reality it is not.

Being boundless is really just being home. It’s being solutions. It’s being timing. It’s being one-with-All. I have been inspired by the feeling of what will come to pass when I fully free myself from limiting concepts. I am inspired by the feeling of 10 people freeing themselves of limiting concepts. I am inspired by 100 people freeing themselves of limiting concepts. And I am inspired of what this would start. The waterfall for freedom. Boundless is all that I am and all that I share.


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