Harmoniously – December 2018

Insight based on experience has given me a knack for staying in sync. There is a saying that “It’s not what you say, but how you say it. It’s not what you do, but how you do it.” Many do not realize this, and fewer still really live it. The truth is, I am going to get there. Rarely do I doubt that I WILL fulfill my purpose, I WILL accomplish my goals. It’s vital that I feel this deep within (the feeling of being Home), otherwise I will try to fit into a small picture. It’s all a matter of time and energy. When I need to advance growth, I am militant with my time and directed in my energy. When I am in need of a little regrouping, I am relaxed with my time and open to my energy in different opportunities. It all revolves around my needs. If I am having difficulty identifying my true “needs,” that’s the signal to be more sincere & honest within my regrouping — who am I living for? Once my need is highly defined, greater involvement through service is a key to meeting that need. The no no’s and pitfalls however, relate to “stopping,” getting stuck and just bailing on the follow through. Spiritually, it is more about being fluid than making big steps. Materially, while I am here the trick is to progress step by step. So, since I am going to get there, and everything is going to be all right, I must ask myself how would I like to get there? Understanding this and making it a way of life is the foundation to becoming more one with all and passing it on.

One of the real challenges here is my transition from loyalty to external things, into Loyalty to Self. A simplified way to say this is, “I am the Mission. I am the Goal.” This is a transformation, from a way of worship to a way of life. There will not be the oneness or true connection with the All, Spirit or People if I do not have this clear. In other words, if I am not able to help myself, I will be limited in how much I can help others; I will not know them because I do not know who I am. Instead I will encounter hostility in my encounters with things and people. I may even use things to try and keep-the-peace. I can identify this as a form of “pacification”; a reluctance or pressure to move toward the solution, because I fear the pain of the problem. Once I am charged with my personal loyalty first, I will hear the sweet sound of life on planet earth. The “problems” won’t hold me back and I will find them easier to work with. I will start noticing that, things are going my way. While it has been said many times, I cannot help but repeat the facts — “There are no troubles too big, that a little more self-respect cannot take care of.”

There is a very old story of a lion that is hunting a pack of oxen. Every time the lion came to eat, the oxen stood together and the lion was met with their barricaded horns and so was repelled. But once the lion found a way to separate them, one by one the lion made a meal out of each of them. The lesson and moral being shared was, “United we stand, divided we fall.” What I realize is, I need not be divided inside. “Dividing myself” is hard work . . . I actually have to work hard at not being happy, successful and abundant all the time. I know this to be true inside, and yet it is impressive how Stubborn and clingy I can get with my perceived “problems.” Sometimes, it even feels like I am willing to fight for my troubles, so I can suffer . . . the “lion” has found a way to separate me from “the real me.” If I continue those kinds of habits into a blackhole, it won’t be long till something will make a meal out of me. This is a clear sign of ignorance, or that I am on a “glory-trip.” If I cannot be peaceful inside, then a conscious desire to emulate the Universe and Spirit’s works is needed to bring balance to the Soul.

The universe is in balance; planets aren’t just bumping into each other. When something dies it transforms into something for another. This is true for my consciousness as well — as above so below and all that. There is seemingly an automatic and natural pull in the universe to organize itself in a balanced way. This is the reality, or facts, of what I am doing here. Why then do I have difficulty at times finding my harmony amongst others and in my day to day situations. Am I resisting a natural pull in one direction or another? Am I listening or hearing, am I looking or seeing? My concepts, attitudes and beliefs always seem to be the culprit. When I do make a change or release in one of these areas, it may seem like I am changing who I am. In reality I have discovered a bigger picture in thinking, I am simply getting rid of all the stuff covering up who I really am. I know that without fail every morning. I awaken to a new day where the universe is perfectly in balance and rhythm, with me in it. If I can be in the present moment, share the wisdom from yesterday and set myself up nicely for tomorrow, then I am moving toward my graduation. This is how I become more aware of the creator in me.

My intentions will directly dictate my choice of “means.” The motives that I move with will call into reality how I accomplish my purpose. It is the sum total of these motives that largely determines whether I am in lockstep with my goal. What is amazing in all this is, I am getting exactly what I need though the process — even though it may not be what I think I want. I am reminded of a phrase, “Someone who wants their needs is a powerful person.”  There is nothing “wrong” with having or achieving material possessions. After all, part of why I am here is to work with everything I manifest in the physical world. So I can fully enjoy them by simply ensuring that I am not possessed by my possessions. Attuning my material to my spiritual means becoming one again. There is an opportunity within every job, every dollar, every relationship for me to be harmoniously involved in the whole of life.

Being in the right place at the right time is natural and instinctive to me. This makes it easy to get along with my loved ones, with my teammates, with the world at large . . . and with myself. It actually brings about a melody, my melody, as the mundane becomes the miracle. “Freely given, freely received” — this is what binds me to the cosmos and my purpose.


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