PURGE– Spiritual Theme of the Month

RELEASE:  Through growth comes more freedom. Through evolution comes more peace. Every step forward I take, I advance. Meaning, I must leave my “last step” behind in order to continue forward. This is largely true for my evolution and growth. This is also true of life. While this may seem oversimplified, it is actually quite typically representative of what I do when I am fulfilling my purpose, within my opportunities. You see, it is my work, my relationships, my Guidance and my situations that give me opportunity. “Opportunity,” to progress and rise. If I forget that I am in a constant state of evolvement, I will hang on to the past. I will hang on to people and things. Inevitably I will become possessive. I can have many things, have many kinds of relations, and receive many insights from spirit, but if I do not have flow I will become a reservoir of dirty stagnant water. Instead I flow — I learn the lessons from what I have encountered . . . and grow in them. I release that which holds me back and I forgive myself for my trespasses. I emerge fresh, new and reborn. I step forward whole and complete.


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