I need to ask myself what I believe . . . and why.  Do I have the conviction of experience?  Do I have confidence in myself, in my personal guidance, in spirit?  Am I prepared to be responsible for my beliefs?  Because I have trust in the ‘Bigger Picture’ and in self, there is no separation between me and the universe.  My beingness is born of my certainty that, everything will be all right.  ‘Commitment’ and ‘decision,’ to do my part the best I know how, sets my energy into motion.  This allows me to really start living, instead of just existing.

There would be no growth on planet earth if there were no people.  This means that people are my greatest assets.  As a Wayshower and guide to others, it is important I always remember, “We’re all going to make it.”  When I accept this I can have confidence in the path that people take — even through their turmoil & challenges, joys & achievements.  Being fundamentally committed to myself, keeps me on My path while those I work closely with have their own unique purpose.  It is amazing how powerful it is to me when I encounter someone who is balanced with a firm energy of ‘Loyalty to Self.’  Their words and actions ignite solutions within me.  That is what I have come to do; become a master of myself and loyal to what I have come to do.  There comes a point when I constantly need to know “What’s in it for me . . . spiritually.”  That’s the point I start building spiritual real estate.

This is vital to keeping me feeling peaceful within.  Peaceful even when people & things are not so much (an inner peace, even when there is outer conflict).  People will be people; at root, it all boils down to acceptance.  I believe in people because I know they have the same overall ‘needs.’   If I get caught in a not-so-good situation, I can forgive.  The key is, I don’t forget . . . not so I develop more ‘defense mechanisms,’ but rather in order to learn and adapt.  So, I can do better next time.  Or another way to say this is, “First time shame on you, second time shame on ME.

Every game I like is one in which I understand the rules, and every game I dislike is one in which I don’t understand the rules.  If there is something in life I dislike, it is because I have not taken the time to understand the rules in life.

What are the fancy (and not-so-fancy) ways I get involved with ‘doubt’?  It’s when I make authority figures of people and planet earth’s systems.  It’s when I try to feel safe by having the ‘right’ relationships.  It’s thinking that money or rewards will solve my problems.  Or attempting to delegate my responsibility to a person or group.  Or wanting something for nothing.  It could be escalating moral-issues into a ‘cause.’  Even wanting god or angels to save and take care of me can erode my trust in myself and my destiny.

Such social concepts are all about basing my life on the ‘outer.’  If I continue to indulge in them I will invite Doubt, Mistrust, Skepticism, Worry and Guilt into my life.  I will work hard to Separate my self from Myself.  That’s why trust in myself is so important.  It’s really a matter of observing the Basics.  The Basics are:  I am Energy.  I am here to Learn & Grow.  I have a unique Purpose & thrust.  I have inner Guidance.  I am Free.  When I take the time to fully accept this into my daily life, I can let go.

A greater sureness comes from consistent communication with my Helpers.   But if I’m hearing a message to “do this” or “do that” — and “how to do it” — I need to recheck the source, because my true Spiritual Guidance has too much respect for me to ever consider making decisions for me.  This is my key to knowing and fellowshipping with highly advanced souls.  At all times, I must observe the clear spiritual distinction between ‘Guidance’ and ‘Orders,’ between ‘Facts’ and ‘Information,’ between ‘Direction’ and ‘Dictation.’  My guidance is counting on me to do my part so they can do their part.

Full trust in myself means not being afraid to fail or fall.  It’s even important that from time-to-time I Practice letting go of all I fear to lose.  I can enjoy many wonderful and great possessions, without being possessed by them.  I can have many great and unique relations with people, without being trapped or controlled by them.  It is a powerful thing to fulfill spiritual contracts.   Essential to fulfillment of my life’s opportunity, is strength and acceptance of the Real Me.

If I ‘do what I’ve always done,’ I’m going to get ‘what I’ve always got.’  It’s time for the next ‘plateau.’  A new adventure in self.  That which works for me, and builds me, I keep.  That which does not, I can put away for a little while.  (I put it away because I haven’t learned how to handle it yet.)  I can move forward into the unifamiliar and the space I have yet to experience, with certainty.  It is part of my inherent evolution to grow into my next level of consciousness.  I am unafraid to move forward because I know, see, hear, and feel there is opportunity for me ahead.   While everything is, important and deserves that I treat it with respect, I know too that all things are a means to an end, in order for me to morph into pure soul . . . no separation from anything.   My purpose and need is clear. I am strong in it because I trust, I trust because I am strong in it.


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