While sailing the seas of life, it is a rarity that the wind will always be at my back. More likely it will be coming from a different direction . . . sometimes right at me. In the big picture, that matters little — I adjust my sails and my line to harness the wind. I will get to my destination. It’s amazing how much I can corral energy and harness it with only small course corrections. Alteration isn’t obliteration.

There is no need to up heave ‘all,’ for the sake of one emotion. No need to kill a fly with cannon. Meaning, there are no big deals, no separation, no failure, only an opportunity toward success. When I realize there is nothing stopping me but old concepts which I can release, I relax inside. I do not accept problems; I accept opportunities. There are few problems so big that they cannot be resolved with a little more self-respect.

I recognize there will always be some people operating by fears, always some people operating in transition and always some at peace. Simply put, ‘I’ have the same freedom to choose where I want to operate as everyone else. From an energetic perspective, it is ‘essential’ that I have my direction clear . . . even if it’s just to go to the grocery store, that is, in things large and small, finding ‘clear direction’ is essential. Loyalty to this guiding principle allows me to flow through life, fulfilling my needs and accomplishing my aspirations.

Purpose in my life is important. What am I really doing here on planet earth? Am I wasting my time? It’s very simple for me to evaluate this quickly. If I am having more ‘ups’ than ‘downs’, then I am pretty close to my niche in life. If I am having more ‘downs’ than ‘ups,’ it’s time to start thinking and moving to the right or left, up or down, until I find my niche. Otherwise I am wasting my time.

In sharing and passing-on what I have pulled together, I am single in purpose . . . to spread personal & spiritual freedom. This takes many forms and I rarely miss an opportunity, or means, to accomplish my purpose. Sometimes I share directly, and without filters. Sometimes it comes subtly or socially. But whether it is with iron or velvet, it is always with Respect and Honor. It is not what I say, but how I say it. It is not what I do, but how I do it. Because I am clear in purpose there are no severe shifts in my energy or communication. There is only adjustment and restyling in how I accomplish. It’s a matter of calibrating my vibration, gauging my speed and distance with respect to my fellow travelers.

The River of Life doesn’t slow down for regrets. I learn from my experience, I grow when I apply what I’ve learned. I am making the subtle shift from trouble-shooting to fact-finding as I become less judgmental of myself and others. ‘Fine-tuning’ brings in freshness and an ability to do my ‘work’ without distraction or doubt. I begin genuinely working with the energy of my Niche. Of course there is such a thing as ‘tinkering’ with things that don’t need it. For real improvement to occur, I must remain true to my inner nature. I must respect what has brought me to where I am today. We all know, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” My perfectionist within can turn ‘the means’ into an-end-in-its-selves. That’s a sure way to have huge swings in my energy, elevating the means over the end. Instead, I need to be Child-like while moving with maturity.

With free-will as fundamental here, adapting is a way of life. That is, and will be, my ability to work with people and things well. Things constantly change or evolve; without my willingness and capacity to adapt I will feel more and more like a liability in the business of life. I must be unafraid of new tactics and strategies. My thoughts can literally change time and space. I must reaffirm that I am basically on the right track, not let myself become muddled with pushes and pulls in every direction. My inner rudder is clear direction, clear feeling and clear thought — not endless emotion or analysis.

Within me is a divine power emerging, not as some mystical fairytale but normal and real; a connection and oneness to all things and yet whole unto myself and my own needs & identity. I did not come to Planet Earth to be the same as everybody else, I am not even myself the same as I mature. Over time, I will even remodel and reform. I will, and am, becoming more and more pure, purposeful and clear. Through all my alterations and evolutions . . . it is always me.

The Way of the Wayshower® ©Alley Creative Inc. 2016