Valor– Spiritual Theme of the Month

FACE: “Give evil nothing to oppose and it will disappear by itself.” I must face my challenges. I must face people, of all kinds. When I do, I am then halfway there; halfway in fulfilling the opportunity I have attracted. There should be no misunderstanding, that I am inviting confrontation in any way. To “face,” does not mean feeding confusion or giving life to problems. What I am saying is, I stay present and in-tune with my goals. This means I work with things and situations based on a balance of my ‘feeling & intellect;’ I work based on the needs (not my likes-and-dislikes). The number one thing that sparked my reawakening, was the message that I am intelligent light — a soul, a consciousness; I do not have it, I am it. It means I am prepared to Die Well, at any time. In other words, I release fears, so I am freer to do what is needed, now. One of the greatest things I can do is to face who I truly am.


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