Who am I? Where did I come from? Where am I going? Basic questions I need to answer. For me it is clear . . . I am Energy! I am here to become a master of my energy. I am here to evolve and grow, to loosen the shackles of fear. Overcoming Ignorance is the greatest thing I can hope for during my time here. “Not really knowing” is the place where fears come from. Until I free myself, I will continue to be a captive of the systems around me. Another way to say this is, the more free I am, and aware of “self,” the more I can utilize the rhythms and
routines for what I have come to do. I am inspired when I allow myself to be infused with the most fundamental of understandings: I am energy. My life takes on a whole new meaning.
I simplify by seeking opportunity to learn & grow.

There are great Measures to help me in my understanding. The Needs (my needs), the timing (my timing), and the means (my service). These are key. My attitude and beingness are essential to maintain confidence that “Everything is going to be all right.” For there is no separation, only transition. I unravel mental blocks when I realize that fear is stimulated in the future or past, never in the now. What are some of the Pitfalls & ‘No Nos’ I need to stay alert to, to avoid falling into the black hole of analyze, dissect, re-analyze and re-dissect (analysis paralysis)?  It is important that I do the best I know how, but . . . trying to be, and make everything perfect eventually becomes an excuse to blow the timing and squeeze the feeling out of everything. Rather than seeing the perfection in all things, as I am in the process of building, I end up creating an excuse to not be successful. That’s not me.
I simplify by getting the facts and moving into action with them.

Within me there needs to reside a ‘stubbornness’ in my true-feelings, not my intellect. For I want to be in the rhythm of the universe, while I also need to fulfill what I have come to do. Although my expression is a need, all too often I put the brakes on that momentum. This is largely based on other people’s fears. The only limitations I have are the ones I accept. I know when I feel emotional in my sharing, or a reluctance in sharing, I need to share more. And not just ‘more,’ I need to be sharing from the heart of the matter.  If I am not being naked with
myself and my true feelings, how am I going to really share with people? I will get used to living on the surface and never diving deep in the waters. I must dive deep in honesty with myself, so I experience the penetration of the water, the saturation.
I simplify by knowing what is me and not me.

I swim in the river of time. Sometimes I hardly notice it propelling me forward. Other times, I can feel the weight of my past slowing my progress into my future. I have two choices: I can let inertia pull me back, or I can surge ahead. As I experience the wear and tear of the material world, I remind myself “it’s only a physical body” . . . for sure to be respected, treasured, and enjoyed . . . but not to become overly attached to. My body is transitory, it’s the impermanent part of me. My physical self marks the passage of time. It is my common denominator with other people. It is my anchor and . . . it is My vehicle.
I simplify by making time my asset.

If I accept myself as an individual, then I accept any other individual for what he or she is. I accept them exactly the way they want me to accept them, because I respect them. If they want to be stupid, I accept them that way. If they want to be smart, I accept that. I don’t want to change anyone. If I respect myself as I am, then I respect others as they are. Self-respect is being one with all things.
I simplify by remembering it’s not what I do but how I do it.

The better I simplify what I have pulled together for myself, the better I am fulfilling my