Religion and Philosopy

Overview & Groupwork Structure

Welcome to Peace Community Church Programs

The Department of Religion and Philosophy of the College clarifies your religious and philosophical concepts in relation to your Spiritual Reality. In the community, Peace Community Church Programs create a fellowship of people meeting in a loving and non-judgmental atmosphere. These Circle of Love gatherings offer healing techniques that uplift and inspire a balance of giving and receiving. They are open to people of all cultures, faiths and spiritual education who desire to grow in acceptance and respect for all mankind.

“If a man worships a stone and you take it away from him, he has nothing. It is better you help him expand his understanding so that one day he may release the stone when he sees a better way for himself.” Dr. Francisco Coll, Founder

PCC fellowships are groups of people around the world who work together to unfold the Christ Spirit within us all. The focus is on unfoldment of the Holy Spirit within each individual and spiritual healing through learning how to use one’s personal healing abilities for the good of self, loved ones, the community and the world.

The College serves as a seminary for Peace Community Church® International, training students, teachers and ministers in all aspects of inspirational and benevolent service. Without walls, doctrine or dogma, these services foster the good, kind, sharing part in us all as we journey to living Spiritual Freedom.
With PCC you will find:

  • Long lasting inner peace as you move through daily life
  • A deeper communion with the Higher Spirit that brings awareness and answers to help you fulfill your purpose in life.
  • Understanding of your early religious experiences and heal the areas that have caused confusion.
  • Spiritual value on all of your life experiences, even the most vexing challenges.
  • Greater acceptance and trust for yourself and your oneness with the Universe.
  • Ways to be of service to your loved ones and your community without. losing your self respect or imposing on another’s free will.
  • The ability to be a healing light wherever you go.

Peace Community Church Group Structure

  1. PCC Orientation Lecture – This session enlightens you with a deeper awareness of your first four cycles of life and your loyalties can get misplaced by concepts of prestige, feeling overwhelmed and a lack of concern with solutions to get back on track.
  2. Circle of Love Technique Workshop – The healing and inspiration from this workshop gives you tools and techniques to make useful in your everyday life. You will create a vibration of love and true concern all around you.
  3. Circle of Lovesm Group Structure – Facet One:
    12 two hour weekly group meetings, one professional profile and three The College courses.
    – 1001: Orientation Profile (Recommended)
    – Course 602: Mystical Reality of the Psalms
    – Course 609: Proverbs of the Old Testament
    – Course 603: The Message of Jesus the Mystic
    – Text: A Way of Life and Circle of Lovesm Group Manual – Facet One
  4. 4. Circle of Love Group Structure – Facet Two
    12 two hour weekly group meetings, one professional profile and three The College courses.
    – 1002-A Blockage Discovery Profile
    – Course 604: Symbolism of the Four Gospels
    – Course 611: Sermon on the Mount
    – Course 607: Teachings of the Apostle Paul
    – Text: Biblical Guidance for Meditation and Circle of Lovesm Group Manual – Facet Two
  5. 5. Circle of Love Group Structure – Facet Three
    12 two hour weekly group meetings and two The College courses.
    – Course 606: Speaking and Writing by Guidance
    – Course 625: Concepts of Spiritual Healing
    – Text: A Way of Life and Circle of Lovesm Group Manual – Facet Three