AROUSE:   “Play the game” (of life). I do not recall how many times I have heard that from wayshowers who are ahead of me, but I am sure I have heard it many more times from my Guidance. Even with these reminders (genteel touches and rough clobbers), I can still get stuck in the ‘game’ (rather than playing it). It is true, I need not “play a game” with myself or when it is not necessary. But life is short and I cannot solve the world’s problems. The systems are set up, for me, to be ‘successful’ . . . no matter what the earth bound thinking is. In other words, It is all here for me . . . just as it is all here for everyone else — it has been, it is and it will always be, until there is no more need. I chose and contracted to be here. Still, there many things I will be challenged with: this is the price of my involvement and opportunity. The key is, how quickly can I transform those “challenges” into benefits; Turning weakness into strength, losses into profits and fears into freedom. In reality it does not take much, to be on track with my plans. It’s simply about practice. You heard me correctly . . . “practice.” As I do, I arouse as if from a slumber. I see with new eyes; the kind with vision. I free myself to really be me and be of service. That makes it easy to — See the need, fill the need. That is Spirit’s charge & message..


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