AXIOM – Spiritual Theme of the Month

TRUTH: There are few absolutes, but one of them is that I am a life force. Everything in my life is built, and surrounds me, on this foundation and fact. And those things I have challenges with, or troubles in, are usually because I have not accepted my truth in those areas; that is to say, I am not accepting who I am and even more extreme, I’m seeing my purpose as false. There is more that can be learned here than can be done in the span of one life. There is more that can be experienced than could be experienced by many. This is why it is so important that I stay humble enough to live my own life, while at the same time having the self-esteem to seize all my opportunities. When I stop trying to “make” things happen and “wanting” people to treat me a certain way, I open the door to experiencing the truth. I am then living the life which is available to all, but claimed by only a few; a life based on Life Force.


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