LEAP– Spiritual Theme of the Month

JUMP: There are times for testing the waters; moving in slowly . . . and then there are times I need to simply jump. Regardless of ‘How’ I enter, I must enter. Hesitation, is denial of Self (that is important to remember). When I “hesitate” I invite troubles — I blow timing and waste precious resources. It is ironic that all the thinking I do to get out of suffering or being stuck, merely creates more limitations and constrictions; I can perpetuate the very energy I seek to be free from. This is not to say I do not evaluate what is needed in a situation, on the contrary. But, I cannot allow passivity or stagnation to move in. The thoughts that come along with action and involvement are creative, freeing and limitless. I am not naive, believing just because I am moving I won’t encounter challenges or obstacles. It’s simply a fact that when I am acting on my decisions, there are more solutions and sunshine in what I am working with: Energy in motion tends to stay in motion. So when the moment arrives, I will not wait, I will jump in.


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