CONSCIOUSLY – October 2018

Am I thinking . . . or am I thought-full. While this may sound like word games or semantics, there is a real difference between organizing what I feel for success, versus analyzing & dissecting what I feel so that it is “right.” It is important to take the time to understand things, but if I let it get out of balance I will start “Analyzing & Dissecting” all the way into oblivion . . . into confusion. Instead, I must allow my heart to speak and my head to clearly listen. When something comes to my attention — especially things related to my spiritual nature (the real me) — it means it’s time! There is now a moment to make heaven a reality . . . to take an evolution step. This is not about fairytales or some great mystery. No, it’s about me having Fulfillment, my being of Service, and Affluence. Having the true-concern to make the spiritual (what is divine inside) a way of life, is why I am here. This means sweeping the floor with interest and joy, it means setting my energy for the next day’s adventures (before I go to sleep for the night), and especially means acknowledging the messages, hints and gifts from the Universe. The only thing left after that is, follow-through.

It is essential for me to remember that Awakening is the beginning, not the end. Awakening to the reality that there is more; that I am more. It’s the stirring within that what was asleep has wakened. It is coming to grips with the concept and consequences of having free will (everyone does)! Acknowledging this is a big step forward. It is the forward movement with purpose. Profoundly and profusely, I have long searched for myself . . . and the search goes on. Importantly, I never devalue all the things, steps and human interactions it took to get me here; if I do, I open-myself to repeating all the challenges I have already gone through. This is the not-so-good habit sometimes referred to as learning but not growing. If I perpetuate that habit, I will create a syndrome of it. This gives birth to a lack of self respect . . . a disrespect that will extend to others, in the form of devaluing their experiences. That is how sensitive people unknowingly can become bullies. I correct this when I stay firm within my energy, retrain the intellect to work with positive routines, and most of all continue to learn and grow.

There is a “practice” that has been around since the earliest civilizations. It is the body, mind and spirit purposefully within actions. It is like doing a dance: flowing in movement — being mindful and precise — while holding the highest virtues or path. The spiritual leaders and warriors of the past knew this changed people; it raised them to a higher standard (inside and out). I too work with a similar practice, boiled down to “Feel-Think-Act.” I however work from the top down (starting with the spiritual and moving to the material). I have trust & patience in my life and opportunity; the Soul’s energy is steady & deliberate. If there is nothing to lose, why worry. If there is nothing to gain, why run the race. I’m going to get there (everyone is going to get there). I can build and be of service with a win-win-win vibration; win for me, win for them and win for the bigger picture. After each opportunity I regroup and evaluate my experience, so I can grow my successes and minimize my messes. I am clear that both my “successes” and “messes” are of equal value, in my purpose of growing and evolving; onward always towards my graduation.

I am connected to all things, and I have to work hard at not being so. That means I am already part of the money, already part of the cars, the homes and all the material possessions I want. I achieve them through my super service. It also means I am a part of the love, the peace, freedom and the ALL. I unfold them through the fun and fulfillment of real involvement (successes & messes). Somewhere in there, I open myself to the “Ah Ha” moments. And by staying on-track, I experience them more and more. It’s like praying-without-ceasing or meditation-in-action. It’s like the Universe starts giving me more because it can count on me. Nonetheless, I can still buy into other people’s limitations, Justifying, making Excuses and “Trying” to do things right. One of the greatest things that can get used against me is ignorance. While I may start out innocently enough, if I do not do MY PART of learning and growing, I will become a “usable instrument.” It is essential, if I want to free myself from any inner bonds, that I take responsibility for my energy. If I play games too long in any area, I will become blind . . . or worse, purposefully not see. But it’s simply amazing, when I get back into my life, my energy, my enthusiasm, how it all clears up. I become in-charge of my life, with actions based on clear motives. It is all under my own control, I just need to exercise it!

A beautiful thing happens to me (and around me) when I allow myself to illuminate that which I have been unaware of, to achieve a new and greater state of awareness. “Not knowing, then learning, is growing.” I do not need to know everything on earth or contemplate the distant stars, all I really need to understand is myself and my energy. I just need to trust my knowingness; like following a scent with my nose. I stay alert to signs and signals, and heed the omens and hints which materialize in front of me. It is truly a waste of time to get trapped in the mind; a monkey-see, monkey-do, unreflective mind. Instead, when I have a quality of awareness, that is, having a relaxed concentration on my purpose within my service, all things work well and remain in balance. Non-complex, but rather simply consciously.


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