I have a true Feeling. I Organize myself to achieve it. I Accomplish the fulfilment. (“Feel- Think-Act.”) I Accept the outcome as my-own. I Learn from My experience. I Grow into the next ‘opportunity’. (“Loyalty & Responsibility.”) I Continue. I Flow. I Pass-It-On.

Spiritual things are simple and deep. If I keep having to re-learn the same lesson over and over again I am not growing, I am only learning. That’s like reading only half the book of life. Whether it is bright and shiny or dull and covered up, there is always an inner need to master my situation, to become a master of myself. The simplicity is allowing it to happen, allowing the honest purity to come forth.

There is a difference between childlike and childish. The difference is maturity. Maturity is being fully developed. Imagine fully developing in the areas I have come to master. It does not mean I become hard or jaded through life, as a matter-of-fact it is about youthfulness. While I have Focus on my opportunity, I am still clear there is a Bigger Picture.

To put it another way, I am living and working with what are known as the “3 Loyalties” and in what are referred to as the “4 Churches”; and, I am having fun doing it. When I tap into my childlike part, I smile and can laugh along my way. I experience that feeling of being a child again, at any age. It’s a very free feeling and being. Life continues to be playful, and a lifetime is a measuring rod for the growth of me, as a soul.

I am aware of many misuses of time and energy here. I have experienced many things and I have seen many more things. I have felt pure joy and a ‘want-for-nothing’, and I have felt the darkness of its opposite. I have lost my way more than once. I have been both warmonger and pacifist, left and right. But, it can be said, ‘I have to work hard not to be successful.’

There is also such-a-thing as, Romancing the Past, which makes the ‘good-old-days’ better than today. It’s a glorified way to get into competition. While there is a need for ‘contrast’ — so I can evaluate my energy and timing — comparing moves quickly into judging; which is yet another excuse to create separation? The Solution . . . mind my business, mind my own play-pen, see the contrast and adjust accordingly. That is my nature.

The more I genuinely evolve through my experiences, the less I set-myself-up and the more I know, see, understand and feel the perfection of what I am involved in and everything around me. Childlike is to be the eternal tourist, learning and growing for all my visits and meetings. Truly, if I’m not having fun I’m not doing it right.


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