I qualify.  I have put forth the time and energy to be who and what I am today.  In other words, I don’t need to fight for what I need and want.  It’s kind of like squabbling over crumbs when I own the whole cake.  While I already qualify, I can un-qualify myself as well.  If I find myself defensive or justifying, then I need to reevaluate my priorities and my concepts I have about myself.  I don’t need to try, I simply need to be.


It’s much like the code of not giving therapy to others. I don’t need to tell people their answers, I simply need to ask them the right questions.  There are times when friends are struggling that the best friend I can be is to be 100% accepting and supportive.  When people seek within, their answers come.  When people seek outside, information comes.  Whilst information is important, there’s a difference between information and answers.  If I want my answers, I must recognize the real me and open wide the door to deeper inner guidance.


Claiming and following through on my opportunities is the key to experiencing the full fulfillment available to me.  Fundamentally I’m going to get out of life exactly what I put into it; I get out of the job what I put into the job.  It is amazing what happens when I am just a little consistent about working with my positive concepts, every day.  It’s the stuff of miracles.  I receive a gift of a ticket which lets me into a real life.


How honest am I prepared to be with myself?  I ask myself this about freedom.  “How free am I willing to be?”  I have asked this, many times, while looking in the mirror.  Sometimes I’m afraid of how much freedom I really have.  Am I willing to be honest with myself?  Once I pass through that threshold, a whole other world becomes available to me.  I can see what I have pulled together and where I have fallen short, with equal importance, with equal concern.  If I look at what I’ve done in the past and say it was bad, then I am not being honest.  It would be like saying I’m telling some of the truth, but not all the truth.  If I’m going to be truly honest I need to give myself the whole truth; such as — I am energy, a soul, evolving and growing through experiences.  I am willing to do the very best I know how, and learn and grow as I go.  Honesty, with myself, is the key to ascension to new levels.


How about sincerity?  Complete sincerity?  The Golden Guideline is to be honest with myself and sincere with the world.  The dictionary defines sincerity as – the quality of being free from pretense, deceit or hypocrisy.   I will have difficulty with acceptance if I am not completely sincere.  You could say, spiritually, it’s honesty that gives me entrance to heaven, but, it’s my sincerity that allows me to stay.  Sincerity keeps my direction clear, and me involved in it.  Too often however, I can get caught in my head and lose that sincerity.  I start justifying ways to fight other people’s battles.  I can create excuses to turn the means into an end.  When I’m in balance I am impelled to be honest and I am compelled to be sincere.


I have a mission and practice for myself.  That is, for this whole month, I have full acceptance for myself and all people.  I shall have an inner tattoo, a marriage which unites me and acceptance.  I accept all my victories and defeats, my genius and my ignorance, my strengths and my weaknesses.  I accept all people for their victories and defeats, genius and ignorance, strengths and weaknesses.  The degree I can accept people and things is the degree to which I accept myself, it’s that simple.  It is not some fashionable statement or social mores.  It is pure universal fact.  Like attracts like.


There is a humorous story of someone consistently asking the Universe to win the lottery (and complaining when they don’t win) . . . but then never buys a ticket.  I need to do my part, I need to do my 50%.  There is more success, happiness and abundance here than I can handle.  It’s all available to me, spiritually and materially.  It is, heaven on earth.  My admission is first to state it, and second to enter into it.  That is the price I’m willing to the pay, the ‘price of admission.’

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