ADVANTAGEOUS– Spiritual Theme of the Month

BENEFIT: The spiritual definition of Service is: “Seeking opportunity for one’s own benefit.” This cannot be said any clearer. And it is a real and true guide for my work here. If I do not fulfill on my service, there is no benefit at all. If I do it all for someone else, then only they benefit. But when I am of service to people, while living that definition, we all benefit. Once everyone involved realizes they must know what is important for them, the ‘needs’ are both manifest and fulfilled. This is the way of Spirit and it is what I am evolving towards. If I do not know what’s-in-it-for-me however, I will eventually get stuck in limbo. This is nothing to be afraid of, but rather something I must always stay alert to. The reality is, it is not ‘greedy’ to think how I will benefit in my involvements — When it is time to regroup my life, it will be around the feelings & thoughts of what I have achieved and accomplished for myself. This will be a key measure of my growth and just how much I made-the-grade. It is profoundly satisfying when I commit to my service and people are willing to have an exchange for it.


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