Freely – November 2018

There is no substitute for a sincere person willing to fully live life, and ‘be’ an example. I am energized and inspired when I meet such people. Their energy stimulates something inside me. And that feeling inside reminds me, “I can do it!” So, what is really holding me back? Is it my background, history or Family? Is it my gender, race or religion? Is it my education or training? How about my age or finances? Perhaps it’s my health, lack of time or the greedy system. “What excuses would I like to accept today”? I have to buy-into-them, ya-know! I have to choose the excuse moment by moment. Perhaps when I have spent enough, on my excuses, I will stop buying them. Like the addict, who time after time hits bottom, then awakens one day with a new feeling and says, “I’ve had enough.” I have had enough of lack, fear and doubt. I have had enough of minding other’s business, and not minding my own. I have had enough of emotional rollercoasters. I have had enough of trying to live someone else’s dream, instead of living my purpose. I have had enough of excuses. I am my purpose and goals. I am organizing myself to move toward them, one day at a time — one step at a time. I am flowing toward my goals, through service . . . super service. I know I have the power to fulfill what I have come to do, because I have chosen many excuses in the past. It takes far more energy to try and live-out excuses than fulfilling my goals and purpose. Imagine how much more energy and fun I would have if I completely committed to the affluence of me. It would be living a daily liberation.

The Practice of Giving-of-Self creates abundant opportunities and lifts the spirit. I would say it makes me light hearted, instead of heavy hearted. It’s like my one act of sincerity, opens 2 doors. Then my next “one,” opens 4 and my next, 8 (and so on). It’s the results, that come from true sharing without restriction or interference. It’s the echo’s report, from love without hooks. Life becomes fun and more rewarding. Life will open to me like a spiral. I, however, need to be willing to lift some of the limitations I have imposed on myself. Things that keep me holding back. There is such a thing as being too nice, or too humble, and missing the opportunity. There is such a thing as allowing the habits passed-on, or the maze, to blind me from my opportunities. Part of the solution is to value my time and my purpose. I do not then play games where none are needed. My energy becomes sharp and directed, claiming my opportunities. That is not to say that I abandon the things that serve me in society. Polite courtesy and magnanimity are useful and are a part of the golden rule (treat others as I would be treated). It does not take long before I realize, “I am doing it for me!” It is my best interest to be gentle, when that is necessary. It is my best interest to honor people. It is in my best interest to respect things. There are many levels of consciousness and I am moving towards the next one. In order to reach it, I openly give of myself because, I know what’s in it for me and I will accept it.

I cannot be divided inside and expect to be fully present. That is why personal regroupings are so important, I bring together all my experiences, in such a way, so that I am single in my purpose. If, however, I continue to get involved in things or thoughts that are not building me, I will inevitably be pulled into the past or pushed into the future. In other words, I will become preoccupied with limiting ideas or thoughts and may even become captive to them. I experience this through forms of hopelessness. If I get used to that I will become dependent on it. I know I have made it a habit when, I get some clarity or peace of mind, but then start longing for the troubles; I have trained myself to deal with the troubles, so I think I’m lost without them. It gets pitiful. In contrast are my Spiritual Helpers and the Universe. The Universe flows without resistance or interference. It just is. Spirit flows openly, willingly and generously. Purpose is the number one priority. These are my guideposts so I know where I am and how to do better with what I have.

It is a powerful thing to be here. A commitment to Grow & Evolve. Not all souls have organized themselves for such an opportunity. When I am in the bigger picture, or in a detached perspective, I realize how beautiful it all is. All my faults and foibles, all my strengths and greatness and all the world’s many goings-on, they are all in perfection and harmony. It is that simple. When I come Home, I am honored to have this opportunity and be here. It’s a Soul Feeling. Growth however, does have a price (nothing is for free). I must have experiences, learn from them and apply them. This is a key to, Becoming a Master of my Own Energy. There is a stimulating statement I use to help me, as follows:

“If you can’t be happy at all times, something is wrong.” But even simple ideas can get misinterpreted or distorted. The real crime in that is, I start thinking I am supposed to suffer; that is, I start to accept the fiction that I must suffer through something, rather than actually doing something about it. The only question I need to concern myself with is, How do I make this more of a pleasure. For instance, anytime I feel choked up or overly emotional in my communication, expression or outflow, I know I’m hitting an area calling for more attention and practice; I need to be more “at one with myself” in that area. It is a waste of time to cover-up and deny, I will only delay the inevitable and suffer along the way. Instead, I decide to become more masterful in it. I make my destination the peaceful & free place in the area of challenge. I then follow through on my Helper’s hints and guidance. This is another way the Universe unfolds itself to me. It is another way I become more one-with-All.

Whether done consciously or unconsciously I openly enter all my situations and experiences. The Good, the Bad and the Ugly . . .make no mistake I put myself squarely into the experience on my own accord. Why? Well, to graduate of course. It all comes back to, if I am not learning and growing I am just taking another spin on the same merry-go-round. I need to remember there is nothing wrong with that; all paths are valid. I just know the ride will continue until the essence is discovered. When the same patterns repeat themselves over and over again, and I become aware of this, the time has arrived, it has finally come. The expiration is due. No need to fear letting go at this point, it’s time to be intrepid and move to the next ring of my spiral (my evolvement). Time to move into the center of the flow, to move with purpose and allow new opportunities to begin to unfold. To love myself with Clarity, is a great thing. Clarity of purpose, clarity of mind, body and soul. Freely I accept, freely I release, freely I renew. Freely is how I flow & grow.


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