Home Study

Grow from home.

homestuddyHome Study programs are designed for the individual who has a busy lifestyle that keeps them from attending classes, find study more convenient from home or wants to be involved in their growth but are unable to participate in a live program of study.

For over 50 plus years the College has reached thousands of individuals just like you. Because of the uniqueness of its programs, including Home Study, you will find an abundance of discovery that will help you feel the growing and learning that is so vital to one’s fulfillment in life.

From the Home Study programs available, you will experience the uniqueness of you as a soul, having experiences in a physical world. You will discover your special study interest will unveil the real you, the one that came to manifest a life of joy, inner comfort and a sense of self that will wrap you in the security of your great wisdom.

Whether you would like to understand yourself better, organize your inner wisdom so you can share it and inspire others, delve into the essence of you as a soul and the significance of your evolution in time, or perhaps you enjoy the quiet periods of meditation and communion with your inner guidance. All these Home Study programs were designed to enhance your lifestyle and your well being in the world in which you live.

There has never been a greater time in life, than now, to more fully understand and appreciate who you are and experience the inner pride that only personal growth can provide you as you move through your life.

There are no age limits when it comes to learning and growing.