EXPEDITION – Spiritual Theme of the Month

LOVE: To reach my potential, I start by ‘tuning-into’ what I am building and where I am going. I must recognize my needs and that which best fulfills them. If I do not take this approach, it is likely I will instead bring-in unnecessary pressure or turmoil to fill the void. Am I really enjoying life? Where am I enjoying it the most? Where can I enjoy it more? It’s a funny thing, all that which I truly “understand,” I am relaxed in. Anything I do not understand invariably creates some form of anxiety or dis-ease. It is so natural to see things as an opportunity when I am at peace. Meaning, I am interested in (and sometimes particularly excited by) what’s-in-it-for-me . . . even in challenging situations. On the other hand, when I lose my big picture, I experience a roller-coaster of emotions coupled with tension. And what’s so amazing is that, regardless of how much I know, or the techniques I have mastered and have at my disposal, I will continue that pattern until I shift back into my bigger picture; until I accept and move ‘Up’ in consciousness. In short, I need to have the love to be free in my life. I need to be in-love, with my life and my opportunities; in-love with myself, my Helpers and the Universe. All of this doesn’t mean I avoid life’s opportunities, it simply emphasizes that HOW I go through my life is the difference between being stuck in a negative pattern versus being free to accomplish my purpose here, regardless of the circumstances I encounter. That is the feeling of a life’s adventure.


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