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As an institution of higher learning, the College is unique to providing individuals with courses designed to enhance any lifestyle and helping to clarify the spiritual nature of living in a physical world. Founded on the principle of practical experience, you can expect to learn to appreciate and organize what you have already learned into practical wisdom, creating a powerful tool for success, thus adding more enthusiasm to live your life. A College that promotes Inner Guidance or Angels as a means of reaching within for what you need, your success is at the forefront of the College’s educational studies.

Spiritual growth is a personal choice. A choice based on an individual’s own truth, without sacrificing traditions and beliefs. For over 50 years the College has enabled others a wealth of discovery by participating in its curriculum’s.

Whether the desire is to know more about your inner leadership and how to organize it and have more fun in life, to further your understanding of spiritual things, or to find how meditation can be a means of reaching a state of peace, you will find your answers within the various curriculum of study. Perhaps you have wondered how it would feel to be a Minister or work with healing. This and more can be found through the courses offered.

The bottom line is when you are growing and learning from your daily experiences, course involvement helps you to organize it for practical use so you continue to grow in the environments in which you are a part. It has been said by many “I feel like I have grown 10 years through a course and I feel that much younger too”.