As a soul, no matter what, I will act, I will do.  If I am ready to start moving in my own energy, however, then I am going to need to start believing more in myself.  Not just the Belief that I can do a particular task, but rather a deep and abiding belief in the real me.   In spiritual work there is a saying, “If you cannot believe in yourself, then at least believe in the ‘great-out-there’.”  It is the reality that, I am a god among gods.  When I accept this, I become more respectful, more loving to my environment and the people with whom I interact.  I accept them the way they are, and stop trying to change them.  Having real trust in myself, in the real me, means I believe in the possibilities . . . not in intellectual fairytales but the inner knowing that all things are possible because I feel it.   This is the byproduct of Balanced thought & feeling; harmony between Heart and Head.

I must “have it” in order to fully share what I have.  I cannot truly give what I don’t have.  Let me take Love as an example — if I am not sharing love with myself, it’s going to be very difficult to share it with others.  To put it another way, I can only pass on to others, the degree to which I have it within.  If I have an interpretation without a feeling, instead of sharing love, I will be trying to give the ‘IDEA’ of what love is.  This means I am left relying on the vulnerable and limited intellect to try and fulfill my mission.  It is no wonder why things seem to be hard or unachievable at times, it is because someone has passed on to me the interpretation separated from the feeling — much like passing on only the idea or concept of love, minus what it actually feels like.

My own life experience enables me to quickly balance my interpretations with feelings, and vice versa.  Then, anything becomes Attainable.  It is so, because I begin by making it a part of me before moving into action.  Once I achieve a certain measure of realism, I can in turn help others to understand.  When I back people in this way I solidify it within.  I build momentum.

 “No person in the Universe can take anything away from you, and no one can give you anything. All any one person can do is to become an example and pass on what he or she has gathered together and organized. That person can organize it, break it down into a form and make it simple for you, and if you’re ready for it, you’ll accept it as a part of you. Here is the way-shower, the master. When you become organized you can become a master or teacher for someone else.”      Man and the Universe Book, Chapter 4

Never doubt that All things are possible; it takes nothing more than time, energy, and consistency.  What really needs to happen is, I need to reconnect with my creativity.  Reconnect with my Guidance . . .  with the ‘Source.’  This is my first and last order of business daily. This is the first and last thing I work with when moving in and out of all my opportunities.  This is, and always will be, my pivot point.  When I don’t allow this flow-through, I will eventually be sidetracked into trying to make other people’s dreams a reality — but at the expense of my own purpose in life.  I will try to ‘copy’ others or do things “the ‘way’ they do it.”  I will leave myself out, competition will move in.  The alarm that I am doing some degree of this is thinking things are impossible, or a sense that I am working hard for little payoff.  Playing this game is called living in ‘la la land’.

While I want to steer clear of ‘comparing’ myself or people, it is important to have ‘contrast.’  Absent a frame of reference, it’s like I’m driving a car without any steering wheel at all, just going around and around in circles.  Contrast means evaluating from the inside, in order to fulfill my purpose. Comparing, is judging and it is a life lived on the outside.  Getting caught in False Hope or illusions is a consequence of leaving myself out to the point I forget my true identity.  It is associated with, ‘woe is me’ and ‘someone come and save me.’

There is only one thing growing when I indulge in this vibration . . . and it’s nothing positive.  It’s time to start singing my song again, out-loud.  Time to start dancing, time to start feeling the dream again.  The key is flow, as always. Because I am growing, some ups and downs are to be expected. But if I can allow emotional stress to pass, and be conscious while it is, I will continue to rise and lift my vibration and consciousness.  Pretty soon, that which used to control me, will not.

Complications arise when I react based on the ‘How.’  Solutions come from my responding based on the ‘What.’  My Intellect is like a sophisticated computer which can process data and do many intricate things.  It helps me prioritize so that I don’t try and do everything, or all at once to be all things to all people.  Nonetheless, it is still a tool and a thing of planet earth; I do not bring my intellect with me into the universe. That is why those out of balance in their intellect will always fear the unknown.  This is a syndrome in which questions only lead to more questions.

Harnessed and in harmony, however, my intellect is a powerful force which channels my true feelings into action. It is essential in dealing with the physical world.  It is the part of me that I must train . . . train to organize what I feel for success.  It is not here to tell me I cannot do it, it’s here to help me find a practical way.  That means conditioning myself to be loyal to the facts first, and then pulling together how I’m going to accomplish them. Not the other way around.  An area to avoid is getting pulled into living from my Head or Intellect only — this is how decisions get made based on Fear rather than inspiration.  It’s like trying to build something without a solid foundation; it is always in need of ‘fixing’.  When my feelings and facts are first, I have no limitations.

Lack” is an ‘earth-bound’ concept. There is no such thing to my Guidance and the All.  There is no such thing in nature.  It is an idea, a concept of intellect run amok, but if I focus on that concept enough, I will find a way to make it my reality.  In truth, the power and flow of the universe is always available to me. When I recognize this, I say “yes.”  And I remember that Spirit is unwavering in their desire for me to grow.  And I remember that the universe will naturally flow through me; like water always finding a place to flow, spiritual energy inherently ‘seeks’ a conduit of expression.

For my life to be viable, all I need to do is, my 50% . . . my solution is not to think I need to do or have it all, but zero in laser-like on just my part.  That, simply put, is to master my energy.  Spirit and the universe are not waiting for me to be perfect in this, all I have to do is start, and then practice being consistent.  Experience teaches that if 1st and 2nd best are ‘inconsistent’, spirit will gravitate to 3rd or 4th best if they are consistent.  Despite all my blocks and challenges, I am, and will be, #1 because I am committed to my consistency.  What is beyond me?  Nothing is beyond me, as long as I remain loyal to my purpose and to my ends. Taking the first step is always feasible.


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