I know Who I am, I know where I come from and I know where I am going.  I am connected to the ‘bigger picture’ and it is connected to me . . .  I feel it!  Once, I used-to fear loss of life, or separation, but over time and with my growth, it’s the very idea of death, or fearing it, which has now become entirely foreign to me.   I feel free to share and do my ‘50%’, in every situation and with anyone.  I am in the process of Mastering My Energy; Becoming A Master of Myself.  The only ‘mistakes’ I make are thinking there are some.

Everything I am doing here is ‘practicing.’  I used to think I had to be perfect before I did anything.  This was ignorance on my part.  Instead I have come to realize that I get perfect along the way, through my journey.  As I advance forward, I ferret out the purest route and go wherever that takes me.  By being fully committed to doing the best-I-know-how, I maintain my vibration of success, within every venture, and in each adventure.  All of this from simply being in-charge of my own energy.  All of this from simply getting involved and leading myself.

The law of nature is such that, if I am not in-charge of my own energy, that is to say I am NOT leading myself, then something will be.  This is not good or bad, it’s simply a fact.  Energy is always in motion somehow.  I am traveling into form, through form and out of form.  If I resist in my evolution, well . . . nature and the Universe have a way of cleaning stagnant energy.  The vibration of stagnancy is the vibration of death.  While I know there is no such thing as true death, I can relate to that vibration, that nagging sensation of getting nowhere that comes with stagnancy.  Going through the motions is my alarm.  In the end, it is my opportunity to be more and more conscious of my needs and my purpose in whatever I involve myself.  Being in command makes me lighter in my feelings, thoughts and actions.  I am lighter because I am freeing myself of baggage.

I am not, nor did I come to be, an underling on my own ship, the novice sailor . . . I am the captain who has come through all levels.  I sail the seas of life as my own prototype, at home in deep waters both charted and uncharted.  My ‘compass’ is always true, I must trust it.  I play many roles while I am here, hold many positions and do many things, but they are not the real me.  All of them are a means-to-an-end.  They have importance for me, but are still only an instrumentality.  What’s constant is me.

I do what I need to do when I need to do it.  I do not need to ‘justify’ this.  I just am.  I move with resolve and I will not permit anything to get in the way of what I have come to do . . . especially old habits that can work against me.  I treat everyone with respect, not because it’s righteous or someone told me to, but because that is my vibration now.  It is the vibration I desire to be.  That means everyone will receive the best service and ‘true-concern’ from me because that is what I seek within and around me.  In order to reach the next mountain, I am helping others climb on.  I can accomplish anything, as long as I have my facts; it’s simply a question of how.

There are many reasonable, important and moral ‘excuses’ not to do what I have come to do.  Whilst they are “reasonable,” “important,” and “moral”, they are still excuses.  I know that alarm bells should be going off when I start to constrict my outflow, my sharing.  Once I restrict this I allow my buffer to get worn away.  There are things I am doing for the first time and things I am re-learning.  But I am always a pioneer.  There is not another one like me in the cosmos.  I am playing a game with myself when I believe or accept myself in any way lesser.  It’s like looking at a kingdom surrounded by a great boundary but overlooking that I possess the ‘keys to the kingdom’; the ‘boundary’ becomes a Wall and suddenly the Keys have no value (nor even use).

I am perfect for what I come to do.  The Universe is with me, it is inevitable that my soul will accomplish.  Even if I am consolidating and compacting or in a pause for regrouping, I am in perpetual expansion.    In projects both spiritual and material, ‘being’ the control of my life, means using my experience and training to set policies and procedures that are clear, clean, direct, and consistent . . . and I never forget to recheck with my sensitivity and my inner guidance while I am in action.

Effective planification has me first identify my goals and then plot the timing of the steps toward my target.  It is also important I know ‘why’ I am doing what I am doing; to know my motives.  It is my responsibility to “roll my own chariot along.”  I must assess, constantly and in real-time, whether to gently cruise along a tributary, to be entirely engulfed in the roar of the mainstream, or to chill in a quiet side channel, waiting my turn.  Because I am seasoned, my “course correction” tends to be mild — extremes usually won’t benefit me; swinging back and forth is how I know I’m not consistently working with what I have.  Both within myself and in my relationships with others, I seek steadiness and balance.  Freedom with boundaries brings ‘inner security.’  It enables me to be courteous and kind.  It enables me to be clear in my direction, even when I am around strong leaders.  It enables me to ‘Be’ . . .  me.

Effortlessly, I scan my future; pursuing my direction has become a nonstop way of life for me.  Because it is my own hand on the tiller, I am enthusiastic.  My ‘Team’ of Helpers are eagerly being the lighthouse for me.  It is impossible to overlook or deny that I have all of this backing, support and energy . . . just waiting for me to Pilot my way into greater evolution.   To pilot, to lead, brings me comfort, and feeling comfortable makes me a better navigator.   Knowing that I am the commander of “all things me” keeps me feeling relaxed and is a source of great strength and satisfaction.  I am my own prototype.


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