ALIVE – May 2018


All things are energy. All things have life. I am energy and I have life. It is an illusion that somehow there is an end. Or to say this another way, I can die. Indulging in this idea will create both subtle, and not-so-subtle, ways to separate myself — to divide and distract from who I am and what I have come to do. One with all, is what I seek. It is what my Spiritual Helpers have done and what I will do too. It is only a matter of time and the energy I put forth in that purpose. Many of these concepts are known, but still much is unknown. I do however know it ALL within, within my true-feelings or unconscious. It is allowing it to guide me and come forth to my intellect or consciousness, so that I may organize it for greater opportunity. Together, with the feeling and intellect, I grow into Inconsciousness, and become Inconscious. This is life in an awakened state. To be clear, this is not some intellectual exercise or mystical fairytale, but a genuine way of life. It is a pureness and love no matter what my situations are; from the battlefield to the board room to the bakery to my bedroom. The phrase, “It’s not what I do, but how I do it,” has a great deal more meaning. So, the bottom line is, If I cannot be happy all the time something is wrong. Because I can be happy all the time . . . when I am overflowing in my purpose.

I have everything available to me. The better I utilize them the more of an opportunity I have, the more amazing everything is. Nonetheless, all things have “a price,” for nothing is free in this Galaxy. If I want to have a breath of fresh air I need to be willing to expend the energy to blow out the air already in my lungs, in order that I have room to take a revitalizing new breath. “This is called inflow and outflow.” This is symbolic of the price I pay to be here . . . and it is a price I am willing to pay, of course. What I am saying is, to tap all my potential of life and vitality I need to be willing to do what it takes. Do I accept the world as it is? Do I accept people as they are? Am I free enough to be at peace in all my situations? If not, what am I willing to do about it? Once I start allowing myself to be “Full” of life I will start really feeling and understanding peace, that is inner-peace. It is being full of all the goods and not so goods, the positives and negatives, the clarity and confusion. This is not me seeking negatives or confusion, it is me being free amongst it all . . . within this breathtaking place I have chosen to be. Armed with this awareness and a willingness to grow and transform in consciousness, I will be infused chock-full with a childlike adventure for my opportunities and purpose. It is the adventure of a lifetime — and teeming with all the pleasure and pain.

If I am going to, not only accomplish something for myself this life but, really enjoy it, I need to commit to good & better things for myself. This is not about greed, a me first me second and me third attitude, this is about a healthy love and respect for self. This is an inner declaration; A love & freedom within my opportunities and the clarity to know when to avoid destructive situations. This also means, no longer allowing certain thought patterns to continue. It is, “OLA” to negative & destructive ideas; that is, ideas I ‘impose’ on myself. It is putting my Purpose before my preferences. Or to say this another way, fulfilling my preference but never at the expense of my purpose. When I start becoming a little consistent with a positive vibration, I will have a tremendous living bliss in what I do. I may even feel guilty for how good I feel. That’s not to say I won’t have challenges, but because of my decision, it creates a very special vibration of growth; I start falling in-love with life and my opportunities again. I will seek out what I need, rather than just following the crowd. This is like setting sail on a night voyage, and having only my inner compass and the stars to follow but knowing everything is going to be all right on that voyage . . . . it’s being Alive!

When I put everything I have into everything I do, I cannot help but be successful. This is what it means to genuinely move forward. It is bringing forth all that I am, within my opportunity. It’s amazing and awesome what I become (or re-awaken to). I strip off layers that I no longer need, like a husk, revealing the real fruit inside. This is living my Three Loyalties. My doing this for myself becomes infectious and others too will be stimulated to do the same. By contrast, if I lose sight of my Big Picture I can treat myself as less or lesser-than. This is the vibration of ‘trying’ to live life as, Not Dead. It is an inactive status within, being caught in the currents around me. If I buy-into this, I will start feeling resistance and friction in my inflow or outflow. I may cater to my wants and leave out my needs. I can coverup (who I am). I may indulge in lack and separation. As all this weighs me down more heavily, I stop adapting and transforming. And if I play that game long enough, I could even become confused and succumb to the dead end temptation to feed off other people. In essence, my habits become more important than my purpose. Fortunately, all this can be overcome with loyalty-to-self, self-respect and personal involvement. It’s just that simple. There is no situation or “problem” that cannot be resolved by practicing these qualities. I AM the symbolic fire. I am transformation and I am a God among Gods. Energized, I return home as f a light is lit in the dark; all the darkness is replaced with light . . . . and shadows must hide.

When I really tune-into the reality of the Real Me (that is the life force, the intelligent light, the Soul, or the energy pattern), my life takes on a whole new perspective. I see myself from the view-point that I am everlasting and eternal. I am in the right place, at the right time, doing what is needed. I decided this a long time ago – A decision that was made with a team of Master Souls who need and want to pass-on to me what they have pulled together. I know this. This has been shared with me more than once. I too have shared this with others. Sometimes however, I need to remind myself of those facts; the facts in my feelings. As I do, I reacquaint myself with all the wisdom I have accumulated over time, that is my spiritual real estate. It quickens me back into my inner pace, or I could say my destiny. There is no holding back from what I need to do. I do not get caught in the triviality of personality, or in confusion, or in limbo. I am just too involved with my service and purpose, full stop. Being in this vibration is like a bullet train moving with great momentum, toward my goals. It’s the feeling of being unstoppable, while still being respectful to All. Life here is truly what I make of it . . . why would I want anything less that the fun & fulfillment that comes from being of-service to myself and others. It’s just too great not to be me and be 100% fully Alive!


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