Over time it becomes more and more difficult to claim ignorance. My “first mistake” in this regard was, learning about the bigger picture of the Real Me . . . including that I am a soul, that I am here to learn & grow, and that I have a Thrust & Purpose. My “second mistake” was getting connected with my Spiritual Helpers, and teaming up with them to fulfill my plan. After that, I am Free. No one can keep me ignorant, uninformed, and in bondage. One simple reality — that I am energy and that planet earth is a giant school — transforms my life into one majestic opportunity.

There may be things I am still mastering, or even just beginning to learn, but to say I am actually unaware is becoming more and more difficult to say with a straight face. Just within one single situation in my day, I receive many times many messages & insights . . . all I need to do to be successful, is to be sensitive to what I already know.

I’m reminded that I’m right, for me; even when I’m wrong I’m right. Freedom is innate to the soul. No one has to teach me this. I know the difference between what is restrictive and what is free. There will always be things I can get caught in or feel in-prisoned by, as I am becoming more one-with-all. But as I realize the systems of planet earth are here for my benefit, I relax. I recognize the beauty of all that I have here.

I never ‘not know.’ I can litter myself with distractions or confusion but my sensitivity is always there. Even those who pass-on, stuck in a state of confusion, can still find themselves, and get home. When I feel sorry for someone I am creating an aura, or energy pattern, that says ‘you are lesser,’ ‘you are incapable,’ and ‘you have no power.’ Society’s shortsighted training is, sympathy is good. I can be tricked into forgetting how detrimental it is for me to treat an individual that way. This is where the real distinction of empathy versus sympathy comes in. If I want to stay at the level I am at, and continue in my progress, it is essential that I continue to free myself and free people. This is difficult when I get caught in either glory, devotion or competition. Acceptance & Respect, for myself and people, are key to keeping things clean and clear.

What do I use to cover up that which I know? How do I allow my senses to get dulled? When do I indulge in trivia rather than what ‘My Business’ is? Being truly aware is next level stuff. It requires that I am perceptive, honest, and fair with myself, open to changing the ways I relate to my own self and to other people. It requires maintenance…continual and constant maintenance, and periodic refreshing, too. That’s why I need to take time to regroup.

I pay a price when I let myself get riled up, or let someone rattle my cage. There is an inner assessment it’s prudent for me to make: “What am I getting out of it” and “What am I putting into it.” Every day I have my agenda, my project board, my daily routines. I have weekly and monthly routines. How do I measure my days? How do I measure my hours? There is a story of a chicken and a pig that highlights the difference between “a contribution” and “total commitment.” In short, I get out of life exactly what I put into it, and this applies to everything I do. I am Aware, I am shedding the bonds of ignorance. I am Aware, I am transitioning from separation into One-with-All. I am Aware, I have a Purpose. I am Aware.


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