PROFESSION – Spiritual Theme of the Month

ART: What love I am, and what true-concern I share, when I am involved in my life. And when I say “involved-in-my-life,” I mean just that; my needs & wants and not that of others. I have experienced an undying flame within, when I am truly involved in my feelings, thoughts and actions. And working with people, regardless of where they are personally, becomes easier. To simplify this and make it practical: The energy I invest in my life and my goals becomes more apparent when I am being of service to others. Meaning, when I treat myself and live as if my life was a work of art, I can really help people, instead of just “getting by” with what I think is right. I help them help themselves and I know where I begin and end. It is so easy, when I am really “living.” The ‘ease’ is what it feels like when I put my loyalties in order. That is what it is, when I commit to my purpose and doing what I have come to do. I become the artist for the art of my life.


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