IMPELLED: Within me is desire; a thirst. I seek to quench it. This thirst is neither physical nor psychological . . . but spiritual. I know when I am on the path of that desire and I know when I am not. When I am on the path, things are light. Insights & guidance flow easily. I feel good. I am directed and balanced. By contrast, when I am not, things are heavy. I have to defend, at times, the outer. I feel the ups and downs around me . . . my energy gets thin. Regardless of which path I find myself on, the need within is great enough to continue. It is that inner calling that allows me to better myself and my direction; so that I may fulfill it. Whether it’s to get back on my path or to improve the one I am on, I will be quenching my thirst by doing so. What I have come to do is not complicated or impossible. And I realize, more than ever, I am impelled to do it. ‘It’ will never go away. Until I accomplish my task, I will continue to search — and a wonderful search it is. I embrace this opportunity of mine! It is something special, when I see my life, as my work. Indeed, while someone can ‘give me’ something to do, true love comes when I give myself charge of my purpose. I begin to understand the Universe when I am in-charge of my energy.


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