ACCEPTANCE – June 2018

One of the most basic Universal Laws is, “Live and Let Live.” The more I trust and believe in my-self (that is, the Real Me), the better I can live and let live. Instead of life being hard work and a battle, it becomes fun and easier. While I am sure to go through more challenges, especially as I grow, I do not need to suffer in the process. It does however take a whole new plateau of consciousness to BE free and at peace, with all of the many happenings that I encounter here. This is why regrouping experiences and checking-in with my True-Feelings is essential — I Discern what is me and what is not, I Identify what is my business and what is not. Without such genuine regrouping, I will find a way to keep repeating the same lesson, cloaked within different jobs and within different relations. A little live and let live goes a long way — It’s the faith & confidence, that everything will be all right in the long run. It’s the love & respect to ‘back’ people, but not do things for them. And most of all, when it comes to Live and Let Live . . . is to truly “Live.”

I can learn to design rockets to Mars and even learn how to transplant organs from one person to another. It is amazing what I can learn and do in this world, in just a very short period of time. It is no wonder the ‘Intellect’ is strong here on planet earth, I can achieve amazing things when I put-my-mind-to-it. This is a good thing, and part of why I am here. The best use of this part is to organize myself to ‘Achieve’ my objectives. The Real Me, or the energy pattern I am (the Soul), moves at a different pace however. It can be likened to the life of a star in our galaxy — a Nice and steady evolution. That’s where my feelings come in, my true-feelings. This must be differentiated from ‘Emotions.’ This is the core of me . . . my inner motivation. It can be felt as my Drive. Here is my long burning fuel. I know when I am on the right path or the wrong path when I am tuned in to this part . . . and it is simple, not complicated — I feel hot, I feel cold, I feel good, I don’t feel good. These are facts and not emotions. The best use of this part is as a guide, toward accomplishing the goals I have for myself (i.e., that which I take with me). When I am in balance with these two parts, I am at ease. I am fluid and flowing. I am peace in action. I create heaven on earth. And most of all, I love being of service to people.

If I accept myself as an individual, then I accept any other individual for what they are. I accept them exactly the way they want me to accept them, because I respect them. If they want to be stupid, I accept them that way. If they want to be smart, I accept that. I don’t want to change anyone. Self-respect is being one with all things.

In fact, a little more “self-respect” will cure and heal almost any problem. As long as I am willing to follow through on my part, I can be free around anyone at any time. Naturally, being at the right place at the right time is a key! This is not about me having to approve of something or someone. It is about a welcoming. It is embracing the world, people and concepts as they are, not the way “It should be.” After all, People & Things are all I have here — I wouldn’t learn much without them. I see many challenges that people go through and many more concepts that create suffering. It’s like watching someone walking past a large low hanging branch, hitting their head and getting knocked down . . . then seeing them come back, a little later, and doing the same thing (It can be painful to watch). As long as I’m not getting hit by that branch myself, I can offer inspiration and guidance . . . like, “You may find it easier if you avoid that branch, I do it this way . . . .” If they take the suggestion, great! If they don’t, great! The next time I see them heading towards the branch, I close my eyes and wait for the ‘thump’ to be over. There are many things I have outgrown; so, many ideas no longer fit for me. Nonetheless, it is a sure bet that at one time, somewhere in my evolution, I was hitting that same branch. There is no greater or lesser, only different states of awareness, in this beautiful system we have here.

I make things difficult for myself when I try to move against the stream. It’s like trying to hold back the tide. Effective change comes NOT by rejecting people, but by acknowledging their right to be them. It may not be right for me, but it may be for them. Too often I get all tied up inside because I think I have to Prove myself, it feels like having to be on guard — always on the defensive. There is no room for separation when it comes to my evolvement. I am one with everything . . . Period. I play games with people and myself when I ‘Indulge’ in the pettiness of exclusion, or hide my unclear motives. It is the ideas and concepts that create reality. When I fight people’s concepts, I am earth-bound. It is a fight that will last generations, until I start working with People where they are at. It’s a fight until I work with where I am at, now.

Am I here to create more Cliques? Or am I here to really do something this life? I know I am playing games and indulging in trivia when I am tense and fearful. There is no room for ignorance in the growth of the soul — I will waste a lot of time. Trying to make things perfect, so as not to deal with what I feel inside, is a real dis-ease here. Instead, I need to see the perfection in all things . . . and believe it. I only need to be organized enough to grasp my goal, anything more starts wasting time and is building some intellectual construct that will lock things into one state of consciousness. I am here to work with myself and people on the good, kind, loving, sharing part. With everything else, I need to be sensitive to how much time and energy I put into it. It takes two to tango, so if I want to play games like rejection, exclusion, excommunication and blocking, I will find a way to attract more of it.

If I want to become one with all things, I am going to have to sit down and see the real me. I will have to visualize the real me, a new me, and start sewing the pieces together. The only thing that will keep me from putting it together quickly is lack of sincerity. I must be sincere with myself.

Acceptance is prayer without ceasing, it is meditation in action, it is flowing in and with energy, all the time. Real Acceptance of my self is why I am here.


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