SIMPLY – September 2018

When else but now? Where else but here? . . . Am I waiting for something? Someone? Am I waiting for an excuse…do I need an excuse? No ~ I know why I am here. I know how to communicate. I know how to get involved. There is not another one like me, in the whole universe. It’s time — maybe even past time? — to do what I came to do . . . today! Not because of my past successes, or messes. Not because it’s new or old. Not because of too much or too little in the way of experience. Rather, because it is my time, now. Because I can. Because I am. Just, because.

There are times and places I must play-the-game-of-life. But there are many ways to do it, so that I accomplish & achieve what I need to do, within those “ticky-tacky” little boxes. It is sometimes hard to believe, but I am so free that I actually place little blocks or create little challenges in my life, just so I feel more secure in relating to the outside world. The greater my evolvement and closer my graduation, the better I am at being in the absolute and unadulterated heart-of-the-matter. In other words, I become more secure within myself. Inside, I touch the universe. I re-connect. I am without baggage, without the regrets of what has been or the anxieties of what will be, without manipulation…without fear. I follow that vibration, like following a vein of gold. That is All.

I have built myself to where I am today; it has taken a great deal of time attending the school of Hard Knocks (more than I sometimes remember). I do NOT need to dig up the past, just to have more. I do NOT need to grab at the future, just to have more. Clearly, I have what I need, otherwise I would not be here. To be sure, I did not come to be side-tracked by the little puddles and eddies of life, its little ups and downs, detours and blind alleys. I’ve been there and done that.

I am perfectly-put-together, to flow with the swift current of my spiritual thrust. It’s rather amazing, really, the more I keep accepting and inhaling the pettiness of personalities, and indulge in little games and bad habits, the more I lack consistent inspiration. The more I free myself and allow happiness, success and abundance to manifest, the more possibilities, opportunities and enthusiasm I experience. I think big and I feel big, that is the Real Me. There is little upside to being small.

Someone has to work hard, in order to not be successful — I have heard that more than once, from different mentors and guides. I realize how powerful I am…because I am a creator. I do this to my self, not anyone else. Perhaps I have too many choices. Perhaps I am waiting for the tragedy or big opportunity to come along. Maybe I am just too bored. Maybe, just maybe, it’s too easy. I know what to do, but don’t do it. When I get “wound too tight” I can feel disconnected and dispirited, but I’m not…as soon as I relax, energy rushes in and I am filled with fresh spirit.

Once I detach and take the higher perspective on my life, I see how naturally everything comes together and falls in place. It’s all working perfectly. Many times many plain & simple things working in harmony; that is sophistication. I am sophisticated, not complicated. ‘I’ start with one thing and expand from there. The areas I have little kinks in, are just areas of ignorance…that’s all. Through helping and leading myself, I will create space for new wisdom & insights as well as back others to do the same.

Within me are direct and clear feelings, un-complex. This is the language of Spirit. These feelings are not “Emotions,” that is a different animal entirely; these feelings just are. My “thinking” or thoughts are organized Channels for me to move what I am experiencing through. Much like a hose delivering water to the garden, but still feeding the needs of home. My true-feelings are Not to becurtailed, or retarded, or stopped, but only to be harnessed and directed for greater success. Finally, there are my expressions and actions. I emote, I move, I do what “I” came to do. I sometimes feel “emotional” in areas I do not yet have wisdom. Or sometimes “react” to situations that I fear. But it is only a matter of time and “familiarity” before they all eventually become easier and more pure. With all things, great and small, I begin to be, without waste or hesitation. I do it the best I know how…I do it Simply.


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