There is but Oneness.  Oneness even in duality . . . thoughts and feelings, my physical and my spiritual, me and others around me, and me and the universe.  Welcome to the “‘Practice’ of One-with-All”, of pulling everything together for ‘one sound’, one purpose.  Things work best for me when I achieve a unison of intention, direction, and action.  I must become aware of my motives, then get them ‘clear,’ then graduate to ‘crystal clear motives.’  There is no growth in divisiveness.  It is an area that I need to stay alert to.  There will always be people who are still learning and souls still growing here.  That is their business, I have my own. ‘How’ I navigate this voyage of opportunity distinguishes me as an artist in a masterful orchestra, or a lone musician out-of-key.

Feel-Think-Act — true feelings, clear thoughts, focused actions, a unity among my inner workings — is the key.  There comes a point in time to become fully accepting of my purpose and goals, to feel my true feelings.  It’s easy to know when I’m not accepting my place and time; I feel uneasy and sad.  To be clear, there is a difference between uncomfortable and uneasy / sad and unhappy.  One is an alarm, the other is a black hole.  I must ‘organize’ what I feel for success.  I must accomplish the fulfillment.  I must accept that much of my programming is not me or not necessary any more.  The inner need of the Real Me is to continue my wholeness and ‘rediscover’ who and what I am all about.  I will repeat lessons and opportunities when I am not together in my energy; that is why I am here, to become a master of my energy.  Imagine moving from one opportunity to the next, wiser and more abundant.  I did not come here to be holy, I came here to be wholly … involved.

My loyalty to myself includes caring for my vehicle, my physical body.  Like my soul, it has needs.  I can’t succumb to thoughts of “ambivalence,” nor become numb to the possibilities in my life.  Maintaining health means reducing the pains and aches of moral issues.  Or as it is said, that which ails me.  My pursuit of my aspirations is what fuels me materially and the journey in achieving them is what builds me Spiritually.  It’s a matter of ‘wanting my needs and needing my wants.’

I am on Spirit’s team.  I am in charge and a conduit to the Universe at the same time.  This alliance is the pinnacle of teamwork, helping me fulfill my purpose and greater things combined.  As I speak and write by Guidance, I build and bring forth the God Power within my own energy.  I can do any opportunity, whether it is considered greater or lesser, because I know what’s-in-it-for-me.  I rise to the challenge, I ‘raise’ my consciousness . . . to do my part (my ‘50%’) in order to better work with spirit & the universe.  I have to work with my time rather than forcing the timing, to keep in sync and avoid intellectual rebellion.  My commitment to myself and Spirit is this, “I will do it, I just ask for a little point in the right direction.”

When it comes to people and the environment, the Golden Rule is to treat them — and it — as you would treat yourself.  This is expressed well within the Universal Law: ‘Live and Let Live.’  My policy is to leave people and things as good as when I found them, if not better, to propel myself along my journey.  I always seek to work with others on the higher ground, and move from high to high . . . but I also know when it’s time to let go and move on.  For those who come to work with me and learn from me, there is a magic time when knowledge must become experience and then transformed into wisdom.  Without this flow, there is no honor or growth.  If this harmony is broken, it is time to let the little birdie out of the nest so it can spread its own wings.  Freedom is accepting people where they are while respecting that I may be different.  Any less vigilance is getting ‘caught in the game.’

Gravity is one of the ‘common denominators’ I share.  The combination of what I feel, what I think and what I do will draw me into a certain plateau or state.  If those three areas are not in-sync I will be pulled down to a lower plateau than my potential.  This can feel painful, heavy and like ‘hard-work’; the feeling that everything is a trial, just for a little result.  However, even if what I have pulled together is imperfect I need to be cohesive, otherwise I am operating from a fractured pipeline.  When I am one, inside and out, I will float into my potential.  Everything becomes easier, lighter and fun.  My pure communication unites team, time and location, and our voices echo in action.  This is truly being one-with-all and a true expression of unison.


The Way of the Wayshower®  ©Alley Creative Inc. 2016