BUILD– Spiritual Theme of the Month

ASSEMBLE: There is a key for me to be clean & clear, and that is knowing when to let go; the optimal timing to release my opportunities and roles. I need to pass opportunity on because if I do not timely give someone else a chance, I will not grow and neither will they. This is what happens when people become enamored of “outer” power — when it comes time for them to turn the power over to others, they resist — and this continues until they really have no other choice but to give it up . . . and even then they may manipulate to keep control. They forgot it was all about developing their “inner” power; claiming their own power, and both allowing and assisting everyone else to do the same. I think of it this way, if I hold-on and give with hooks, I will only be held back. Much like a ship trying to sail while dragging its anchor on the sea floor. Without question it is essential for me to take charge in my opportunities and be responsible for my decisions. That is how I stay in teamwork with spirit and the universe, while achieving my goals. I do however need to remember, it will take experiencing many roles and many more opportunities to truly assemble all that is needed, for me to do what I have come to do. There is no real reason to try and hold on to things that I have outgrown. Instead, I say to my Guidance, “Bring me opportunities to fulfill my goals and be of service.” The rest is fun & follow-through as I build.


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